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Avengers/Spider-Man Tie-In: In Game Evidence

SpidermanPS4 6 - Avengers/Spider-Man Tie-In: In Game Evidence

So, as the new Avengers game has been revealed at E3, we are all excited about getting our hands on that universe after waiting for so long. But, then again, maybe we already have. People have been speculating for a long time that Insomniac's Spider-man PS4 and Square Enix's Avengers could potentially be apart of the same universe with Marvel trying to build the video game equivalent to the MCU. It's all but confirmed that they are, in fact, related but we have had no official word yet. But, I found a small tidbit of evidence that could practically ensure that these two games exist side-by-side.

I was replaying Spider-man for the 1000th time and I just completed the photo op for Avengers Tower and got a pretty interesting quote from the webslinger.

*"Avengers Tower is so cool. But they're never around to use it. I think they are somewhere on the west coast right now. Probably surfing or something"*

From what we saw, the new Avengers game takes place on the west coast, as they are celebrating A-Day, a day to commemorate Earth's Mightiest Heroes for keeping the planet safe. But, as we saw, that goes awry.

My prediction is that the events of Sidey PS4 happen just a few days before A-Day. That explains why the rest of the Avengers are absent from the game, but their HQ is still seen. It fits with what we saw in the new trailer, location wise. And it would also explain why our friendly neighborhood wall crawler is not seen on the scene with the other heroes trying to help. At the time that this happens, he's all the way in NY.


On top of this, in the E3 presentation, Scott Amos (Head of Studio, Crystal Dynamics) said that after the launch of the main game, there would be DLCs adding new heroes to the game, we even saw a tease of Hank Pym as Ant-Man. He even said that they are "excited to be partnering with Playstation to bring some awesome surprises to the Playstation audience. Including… unique benefits that we will be revealing in the future" My takeaway from that is that at some point, Insomniac's Spider-Man will make an appearance in the Avengers game, but only on PS4. As it was a Playstation exclusive title, it would make sense that his inclusion would only be on Playstation as well.

You can say what you want. That we already knew this was gonna happen, that its too on the nose. Or you can totally disagree with me. At the very least, the games are acknowledging each others existence which is pretty amazing in and of itself since one game came out a good year before we even knew the setting of the other. And that tells me that there had to have been some corroboration between the two dev teams. Which is very exciting to think about.

Here's to a great decade of Marvel video games! Face front, true believers!

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