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Gushing about this game like everyone else

SpidermanPS4 6 - Gushing about this game like everyone else

We hear a lot of rhetoric about games that feature pre-existing characters, especially superhero games, where people will often say that the game really makes you "feel" like that character. Well I can honestly say that this is the only game that as ever legitimately made me feel that way; the Peter Parker in this game IS Peter Parker. The Mary Jane in this game IS Mary Jane. This game IS Spider-Man.

The story and writing just hit almost every note so perfectly, the final cutscene even made me cry, which I wasn't expecting at all. It's such a beautiful character journey for Peter; he was so guilt-striken by indirectly causing Ben's death that his loved ones became more important than anything else to him, which he failed to realise was to the detriment of the greater good, and led to his treatment of MJ and that heartbreaking decision that he had to make at the end of the story. In fact, I think the interactions between Peter and MJ are my favourite things in the story as a whole. I love seeing them mend their relationship and I was so eager to see them get back together. I was also deathly afraid that Peter was gonna die by the end since Miles got bit by the spider and I thought it might be a Red Dead Redemption type situation, but thankfully it wasn't

Not to mention the fact that you feel like you're living Spider-Man's life even when you're not doing much in the main story; like you're going to MJ's house for dinner but oh shit, there's gangsters with demon powers fighting supersoldiers in the street. This is exactly what I imagine Peter Parker's everyday life would be like. And all of the fun little stuff too of course, like taking pictures and interacting with civilians. And we all love Alex Jones-y Jameson. 😂

Not everything is perfect, however, I have to admit, such as the combat, which I found pretty damn hard at first and even had to lower the difficulty setting. Plus it took me a while to get used to pressing circle to counter rather than triangle after having played the Batman: Arkham Games so much in the past. I think the story is definitely better than the core gameplay itself, aside from webswinging and traversing the map, which is of course fun as hell. But I was still very appreciative that New Game+ retained all of your skill upgrades, so that way I could experience the story again essentially unimpeded.


But back to the awesome stuff, and one of the things that I love most is just the sheer amount of backstory and lore that's in this game. Because probably the best thing about it is that it's an original Spider-Man story, with Insomniac getting to rework elements as they see fit and craft their own vision of this universe. I love collecting the backpacks and just getting to learn about what's happened over the last 8 years of Spidey's life. In fact, with both how much backstory they have along with how many cliffhangers they have, I think a prequel to this game is just as feasible as a sequel. I'd love to see what Insomniac would do with a retelling of Spider-Man's origin and his first meetings with Kingpin and everyone else, possibly even Gwen Stacy (though there admittedly isn't much of a point in having her in new Spider-Man origin stories anymore since everyone knows what happens to her in the end). Though obviously they probably wouldn't be able to cram all 8 years into one game, as awesome as it would be for that hypothetical prequel to end with the opening cutscene from the current game.

As for a sequel, well unfortunately, I think Peter would probably die due to the reason with Miles that I mentioned before, and I'd hate losing him, but even then, there's so much more that they can do; Peter and MJ going forward as partners again, the cliffhanger with Octavius, the cliffhanger with the Osborns, Peter and Miles teaming up, it would all be amazing. And I haven't seen ANYTHING in the game alluding to the symbiote suit, at least not yet, so there's that. Though I personally can't imagine Peter having been in a relationship with Black Cat in the past without the symbiote suit so who knows?

So yeah, thank you if you've read this far, this game is amazing, that's all. 😂

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