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How I think Venom could work in the sequel

SpidermanPS4 2 - How I think Venom could work in the sequel

As the post-credits scene showed, Norman has Harry attached to the Venom symbiote as a life support sort of thing, but what if it isn't the whole symbiote?

The sequel could reveal that Norman only gave Harry a third of the symbiote's mass, to prevent him from turning into Venom (at least for long). The rest would silently escape containment, and go over to its two other hosts: Peter and Eddie.

Which basically translates into: Venom has three hosts in the sequel.

Peter: He of course goes apeshit after getting Symbiote A, spending much of the second act of the story with it and progressively becoming more and more violent and unstable, while also brushing off any criticism or help that his allies would be trying to give him in place of more cruelty. And, naturally, this would give Jonah a ton of ammo too; as the city starts seeing Spider-Man as a total menace.

Harry: Harry wakes up during the first act of the game, seemingly cured of his genetic disease by Symbiote B, but once Spidey gets Symbiote A, notices how screwy Spider-Man is becoming. Against Norman's pleas, Harry eventually just goes to confront Spidey about his violent antics; but due to the fact that Symbiote A could detect Symbiote B in Peter, the intense stress quickly allows it to take over Harry and have him become the 'first' Venom, which looks much like the Ultimate Marvel version of Venom (all monstrous and bulky with no symbol or "eyes"). After a boss battle, Spidey will forcefully tear Symbiote B off of Harry and leave him to die. Once he inevitably realizes the horrible act he's committed, he will tear Symbiote A off himself, leaving it to go to its final, true host.


Eddie: Eddie starts off like a mix between his 2018 film and Ultimate incarnations: being an old childhood friend to Peter and Harry and is working well at the Daily Globe. Shortly after Peter gets Symbiote A, Eddie gets Symbiote C and is losing his mind, before he is beaten and captured by symbiote!Spidey. He spends the majority of the game in a medical ward as they try to figure out how to get Symbiote C off of him – MRI, surgery, all of which fail due to Symbiote C's clingy and protective behavior toward Eddie. In the final act, Eddie gets both Symbiotes A and B, and the whole symbiote informs Eddie of Spider-Man's identity and information, including the fact that he killed Harry. Infuriated, Eddie embraces the symbiote and becomes the true Venom. He would also give Norman a final push into becoming the Green Goblin by telling him of Harry's death, and thus the two would serve as the final antagonists of the game (Venom being the second-to-last boss and Goblin as the final boss).

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