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How Venom and Eddie Brock could work in the Sequel!!

SpidermanPS4 2 - How Venom and Eddie Brock could work in the Sequel!!

How Eddie Brock could work in Spider-Man 2

So I’ve been mulling this over since I finished the game months ago. Of course SPOILERS!!

So for those who finished the game know, Norman Osborn has been using the symbiote to heal a dying Harry. And it’s already been confirmed that Venom will be one of the main villains of the next game. However, I still think Eddie Brock will actually end up with the Venom Symbiote by the end of the sequel and here’s my theory.


So I think for the first act of the game, Harry will have the symbiote. However the symbiote will be imperfect and more monstrous like the Ultimate/1610 Venom. After Peter defeats defeats Venom/Harry the first time, the Symbiote will then bond to Peter.

Harry will be left in a comatose state and Norman will go fully off the rails and becomes the Green Goblin.

Also mid first Act would be the introduction to Eddie Brock. The first game already established that Eddie and Peter had worked together previously at the Bugle and were at least on good terms professionally.

Throughout the game both Peter and Spider-Man will interact with Brock. Brock would be at heart a good guy, just with very loose professionalism and at times would go to far to uncover the truth.

Brock’s downfall would come mid game during a side mission where Brock gets the facts wrong with the “Sin Eater” case and Spidey ends up finding the real Sin Eater and effectively gets Brock fired. Brock is at a low point and vows to discredit Spider-Man.


Fast forward to the final boss fight where both Spider-Men (Peter&Miles) are facing off against Venom and the Green Goblin. Peter is able to tear a now cured Harry from the symbiote and causes the old cathedral they were in to explode. Unbeknownst to them, Eddie was hiding in the church attempting to snap photos, but is buried under rubble.

Mid Credit Scene: Besides a scene setting up the Inheritors or Goblin Nation, the second mid credit should just a shot of Brocks hand shooting up from under the rubble and transforming into a large claw. He screams “PARKER” and cuts to black.

Venom DLC: Now I think that for one of the DLC packs Eddie Brock terrorizing Peter should be the focus. There should a clear distinction between Harry’s Venom and Eddie’s Venom. While Harry’s is more of a hulking monster and disgusting much like Ultimate Venom, Eddies should be a lot more streamlined and have the Spider symbol. By the end of the DLC storyline, Eddie and Peter should reconcile their differences and Eddie vowing to leave NY (setting up a possible spin off game or dlc)

But ya that’s my idea for how Eddie Brock should be handled in the sequel. If you have any ideas to expand on this comment them. Also I might keep doing this for other characters than combined it together to make an entire plot.

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