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I dont understand some of the hate the original ps4 spider-man got initially…

SpidermanPS4 10 - I dont understand some of the hate the original ps4 spider-man got initially...

I was a bit bored so i went on to find reddit posts about hating this game trying to find valid critiques and…i dont get it.. Okay i'll try to break down some of the problems people pointed out and some that i kind of agree with

  1. Combat: "it's just an unrefined version of arkham combat"
    "Its always upper cut combo and dodge, or web and throw at walls"
    "God of war had better combat"

but how? arkham is literally square triangle square triangle with the occassional gadget or environmental takedown.. I have beaten killer croc in arkham knight's challenge mode so if anyone's gonna say "no maybe u dont know how to-" no shut up ive replayed this game so many times it's actually a a little sad. And no its fun, for the vision rocksteady had it works absolutely perfectly but its in no way unique, every encounter is the fucking same.

in Spider-man your combat is constantly moving if u know how to… use gadgets, use swings, zips dodges. if u get creative the combat in my personal opinion is better than arkham in some regards, it certainly needs more animations, but in terms of how creative you can be its pretty cool..

  1. Stealth: "Its so pointless because u can just dive in if you want to"

I have to agree here. Stealth in spider-man is super optional and the enemi ai is actually really really dumb. In the miles and mj sections i just run. no stealth needed if u run the right way..

and in case of spider-man missions theres no consequences regardless of how u play. For eg during the grand central station wouldnt it be a little tricky if u couldnt take out people directly or they kill the hostages? Or in standish's penthouse if u are too loud he dies?

Point being stealth for the sake of stealth is dumb, i cant disagree.. Plus enemies have no reaction to their friends been taken out lol

The arkham game's fear system is so good, i know the game already takes so much from arkham but its one cares as long as you make the game fun..have the enemies get scared when u pick them off..

  1. Traversal: "The web swinging is automated and slow"

" Web of shadows and spider-man 2 had better traversal"

"After games like arkham and infamous this traversal seems like shit"

But how? the webswinging is fast if u do it right…if u combine the zip and bounce with mid air double zip and leave the webline at the right point u move fast…. thats the same case for web of shadows..


and spider-man 2 had a very different traversal system, which is physics based, hence the feel good mechanics, but the current one is more efficient and stylish..

infamous and arkham…i dont even know why they are compared…webswinging and gliding is very very different. and even in arkham i have seen fools fail to glide properly…its just skill based..

  1. Empty open world: "the open world has like 2-3 side missions with nothing to do.."
    "The side missions are boring"

"The city is lifeless"

And to this i say… wasnt arkham asylum literally empty aside from collectibles after u finish it?
And the same with city? only with some side quests…

I mean yeah i understand why one might feel it's life less cuz of new york's size..but its not really the side mission's fault..unless u like pizza delivery and balloon catching…which funnily enough if u miss balloon catching, pigeon chases are a close second (altho i wouldnt mind them being omitted from the 3rd game)

As for the side missions, you get a decent small story with tombstone? A kind of an aftermath of the fisk takedown..and Screwball…okay fine haters win fuck screwball

5: Story: "The writing is bad, This is clone saga levels of bad"
" Peter's jokes are cringe and awkward, not funny"

"The story is predictable and villains have no motivation"

Lol firstly nothing other than one more day is worse than clone saga. Period. Secondly peter's jokes are always awkward and cringe..he's peter parker..the awkward scared dude whos fighting people out of his league..thats the point..

Predictable, yes. i mean they show u the 5 raft inmates right after fisk takedown and later show u octavius and martin li.. so ofcourse we get sinister was in their fucking trailers..

otto becoming doctopus? yeah no shit i mean that was the point of the game…
aunt may dying? i mean i dont know who thought that was predictable…i didnt see it coming and i even cried at that..

All and all im just a little confused as to the hate the game was getting while other games pulling the same shit for decades are excused.. i guess its all down to subjective likes and dislikes..but im just trying to rationalize as to why those arguments dont really make a lot of sense

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