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I got bored and wrote up a story for Spider-Man PS5.

SpidermanPS4 6 - I got bored and wrote up a story for Spider-Man PS5.

Not saying this is my ideal story, or that it'd even work well as a video game, but I had an idea and fleshed it out into this. Enjoy.

Act I
We open with Venom on a rampage. Venom doesn't have spider-based powers yet, or the white emblem, he's just a big monster, ala the Venom movie. Peter goes after him, opting not to alert Miles after he sees Venom killing people on the news. Peter nearly wins, but sees Harry inside the monster, and in that moment is distracted enough that Venom gets the upper hand, injuring Peter and taking off.

Miles is obviously upset with Peter, but reassures him that he doesn't doubt his abilities. He's just worried that if they both respond, both of them could get injured, and then there's no friendly neighborhood Spider-Man left. The Act progresses with Peter tracking down Venom, sidelining Miles. At the end of the act, he fights Venom alone again, and again and nearly loses, but Miles comes in right at the end and zaps Venom, which causes the symbiote to jump off Harry and onto Spidey.

Act II
Peter is Black Suit Spidey. There's a new skill line and Symbiote abilities acting like Gadgets. Harry is comatose, and Norman has disappeared. A new villain, the Green Goblin, has appeared, and is antagonizing Spider-Man. He broke Doc Ock out of jail to act as his strategist and build tech for him. On top of that, The Lizard has started terrorizing people all over the city. Peter has to stop them, as well as fend off Kraven the Hunter, who claims Spider-Man is finally at his peak with the new suit, making him a worthy opponent. Spider-Man's normal moves are meaner, and his new skills and abilities more brutal than any others. He still won't outright kill, but he's not far form it sometimes.

Meanwhile, Peter is breaking down. He's mad at Miles for disobeying his orders to stay back, and he's upset with MJ, because she's the one that tracked Peter, and told Miles where to go. He's become a much meaner and darker person, despite the fact they may have saved his life. During this section of the game, the normal radiant missions disappear, as do most of the side missions, and Peter is much more driven, and less likely to respond to help.

At the end of the act, he nearly kills Green Goblin, but Miles steps in, and you switch to Miles to fight Symbiote Spider-Man. He's super tough, and eventually wins the fight. He tells Miles to back off and hang up the suit.

Time-skip. You play as Miles. The city has degraded, as it did in PS4. Spider-Man is truly a menace. He still hasn't killed, but he's not helping anyone, and he's brutalizing thugs for information. All those radiant quests re-appear, as well as some new ones, and Miles-only side-missions. You, as Miles, have to work on stopping Peter as well as desperately try to keep the peace in the city. Eventually, Miles manages to find and stop Doc Ock, who's been working behind the scenes to stir up disorder. He created new legs, but they're made with sub-par parts, and he's easily defeated with Miles' bio-electricity.

You take him to his old lab, and give him a sample of Lizard's DNA, and call Ganke to act as his hands. You go out and do more Spider-Manning, and eventually they develop a cure.

You then find and stop The Lizard, turning him back into Curt Connors. Miles ends up dropping off Curt with Doc Ock and Ganke. Curt and Octavius hit it off, talking about their love of science. You leave them to it, and go to stop Peter.

You eventually find Peter, and Miles is able to use his bio-electricity to stop Venom again, but it's not as effective this time, taking a lot of blasts to get him to leave Peter. Peter falls, and Miles catches him, but the Symbiote escapes in the process. Well, most of it. Miles is able to grab a little bit of it, and trap it in a jar. Peter, meanwhile, is completely out of it. Miles gets him to MJ's apartment, where he passes out on her couch. Miles then goes back to the lab, and drops off the symbiote sample for them to analyze.

Act IV
You wake up as Peter, and he immediately apologizes to MJ. She doesn't quite forgive him entirely yet, but encourages him to get out there and fix the city. He does just that, swinging around and solving problems. All those side-quests and radiant quests are still here, with even more now that Spider-Man is back in action. At this point, you've lost the symbiote abilities and gadgets, and Kraven shows up again, expressing his disappointment with Spider-Man for getting rid of the suit, and taunts him as you fight, saying he is nothing without it. Still, Peter and Miles take him down.


The two Spider-Men find and stop The Goblin. They discover he is Norman, and that he's gone insane on Oscorp performance enhancers, which he first tested on Curt Connors. They're what turned Connors into the Lizard, as they mixed with Curt's own attempts at restoring his arm with Lizard DNA. You dump him at the Raft, but just then, Venom attacks.

Venom is now being worn by either Flash or Eddie. It doesn't matter much which, because both exist in this universe. Point is, Venom manages to outdo both of them. He's completely resistant to Miles' shocks, and stronger than both of them, and takes them down. before he can kill either of them, a news helicopter flies in, and the noise scares Venom off. Peter and Miles retreat to Ock's lab, where they hope the trio has found some way to hurt it. They're close, but not quite there yet. All five of them work together to find it's weakness: sound. Then Peter builds a new suit for himself. The Symsuit.

The Symsuit is covered in self-replicating nanobots, which emulate the symbiote abilities you lost when Peter got rid of the suit. However, they're less brutal versions, mixing Peter's quick fighting style with the Symbiote's utility. Instead of black, it's white, mixing the color scheme of the Future Foundation suit with the styling of the Advanced Suit.

Like the Anti-Ock suit, it's what he takes into the final fight, and with it, and Miles backing him up, they use sound to defeat Venom.

In the end, the duo opt to not reveal publicly that Connors was The Lizard, but warn him not to mess around with strange injections anymore. On the other hand, the Symbiote and Ock are dropped off at the Raft.

You can play as either Peter or Miles, and go back to finish off those side-quests. As Peter, you can change your suit while keeping the Symsuit's powers (read: the Symbiote ability tree). If you switch to the black suit, the animations switch to those used by the black suit during Act II.

I know I probably forgot some details about Spider-Man: Miles Morales when writing this. To be honest, I've never played it. I did read it's story, and have seen a few of the important events. I have played Spider-Man PS4 quite a few times.

Feel free to critique away, this isn't my magnum opus by any means. I know it's not perfect. As I mentioned at the top, I just had some ideas for a basic 4-act structure (Peter -> Evil Peter -> Miles -> Redeemed Peter -> Both in the post-game) and it just ballooned into this as I started to flesh it out.

For example, I know part of the struggle present in Peter giving up the black suit was giving up the power it gave him as well, so perhaps the Symsuit isn't as strong, or is unstable and breaks after the fight, or is just removed entirely in favor of a sonic-based suit. I included it to explain why Peter would take Symbiote powers into the endgame.

The Curt Connors cure thing is half-baked. I think he's vital to solving the Symbiote issue, since he was the one manning the lab Harry was in, but I also was having trouble coming up with a respectable rogues gallery for this that wasn't just rehashes of PS4. Plus, The Lizard has always been one of my favorites.

I really didn't know what to do with Harry. The Harry from this universe seems like a very different one than usual. In Act IV, it could be him back in the suit, instead of Flash or Eddie. I think Harry as Venom could be interesting, but I was just stumped as to why he'd attack Spider-Man. If he stays comatose throughout this game, he could wake up and become the new Green Goblin in a DLC or something.

That's it. If you read it all, or even skimmed it, thanks for your time. I hope it was a good read.

Quick edit: Went through and marked the name of a character from the first game. not sure if spoiler rule still applies to PS4, but better safe than sorry.

Edit 2: Added an extra spoiler tag, and fixed my misspelling of Curt Connors. I've heard it said out loud many times, but don't know if I've ever seen it spelled until I looked it up just a moment ago.

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