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Ideas for the sequel

SpidermanPS4 3 - Ideas for the sequel

•Miles playable. Guaranteed but hopefully it isn’t just portions of the game. I think it’d be cool to freely switch between them in freeroam. I think he should have unique combat and not just be a copy and paste of peter. Like maybe he can become invisible and use the venom strike. Hopefully they don’t change his costume too much and if they do hopefully they have his classic suit unlockable.

•more variety of crimes. I feel like after you 100% the game there really is only 3 or types of crimes. I kind of wish the demon crimes or Maggia crimes didn’t disappear by the end. So hopefully the faction crimes in the sequel are still there even by the end. Also I think it’d be awesome if occasionally villains escaped the raft and you’d have a mini boss fight with them somewhere random in the city kinda like how in ultimate you’d occasionally run into shocker.

•Less MJ or improve her missions. I think the first time you play Through the game the MJ missions aren’t bad but replaying the game they feel so forced and slow down the narrative at least for me. Maybe give her combat system I mean in the prequel Novel she was said to be a black belt. Hell give her powers and make her spider woman or spinnerette I just want to enjoy her missions..

• More animations and web crawling. Hopefully there’s more unique web swinging animations like they are dynamic. I think it would help the game feel more new everytime you play it and allow for more photo mode opportunities.


•Suits from the first game. Personally I think it would make sense to keep the suits from the first game in the sequel. The assets are already there so they might as well use them in the sequel plus it would feel weird losing suits in the sequel that we spent time and money unlocking. I think it’d be cool if there’s a way to transfer your save over so you didn’t have to reunlock the suits again maybe even making it so the reward for playing the first game is having all the suits unlocked (dlc included) and having all your abilities and gadgets transferred over.

•Missions where miles and peter fight side by side. Maybe you freely switch between them throughout the mission have stealth team takedowns. Dual play Type mechanics.

•Peter gameplay. Not saying it needs to be like full on swinging around but maybe something like out of silver lining. There’s a meter letting you know there’s no one around so you can use your powers. Plus honestly I don’t get insomniacs logic with this one. The only reason is because of facial animations in cut scenes but if that’s a problem just make it only usable in freeroam. I have a feeling they’ll give us something akin to it in the sequel.

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