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Ideas on improving the traversal/web-slinging.

SpidermanPS4 5 - Ideas on improving the traversal/web-slinging.

So I recently got and beat this game, and it was pretty fantastic. I don't have any problems with the traversal, they did a great job on it, but there's always room for improvement. I was wondering what all ideas you had for making the traversal even better.


Here are some that I've either thought up while playing the game, or seen mentioned here:

  • Make a smooth transition to wall-running; when you L2 and web to a wall, you can't go directly to running. I think being able to do that would be a nice touch.

  • The ability to choose which building you connect a web to.

    • The vast majority of the time this wasn't a problem, but sometimes it would be very nice to be able to choose which side Spider-Man attaches a web to. For example, if you're swinging along and get to the end of a street and you want to go right. If your web attaches to the building on the right, you can easily loop around the corner and keep going. If your web attached to the left, it's more awkward; it wants to swing you to the left, or at best to keep going straight. Yes, you can just use an air-dash to change direction, but I still think including this would be nice. Both for practical purpose and just for more fun/stylish traversal.
  • Maintain speed when coming out of a long dive. Holy crap, this actually bothered me a fair bit. If I dive off a skycraper, especially the Avenger's tower or the Empire State building or something, when I finally go to swing it seems to straight up kill so much of the speed. I want to go to swing and have Spider-Man get fuckin' launched. Like, hard to control amounts of speed.

  • Options for starting from a ledge/pole. This is another that I was actually bothered me on a regular basis. If I'm starting from the ledge of a building or the top of a pole, there's no good/smooth way to get going. You can only jump off. I'd love the option to charged jump off (either a lot of height directly upwards or with a lot of distance in a direction), or to be able to do an actual dive off, or something.

  • Charged jump while swinging.

  • Charged jump while wall-running.

  • Sling-shot from the ground/roof. Y'know, have Spider-Man attach a web with each hand, pull back and launch forwards for massive distance.

  • Consume both air-dashes at once for a single super-dash.

Those are all the ideas that I could think of or remember off the top of my head. What do you guys think? Do you have any thoughts on the ideas I've mentioned here, or ideas of your own for how they could improve traversal for the next Spider-Man game?

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