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Improvements I’d like to see for the second game.

SpidermanPS4 9 - Improvements I'd like to see for the second game.

I'm just going to assume that the Avengers are going to have their own separate game but could also be in the next Spider-man game. Please let Cap train Spider-man to learn more badass take-downs. That would be so sick.


More realistic and badass take-downs is my first priority. I want variety, and everything to be badass. More jujitsu, not just striking. And I'd like to see customization, pick and choose which take-downs you want to use, more take-downs released with DLC's and more unlocked throughout the game. This isn't just about enjoying the game, but also replay-ability. Also, ceiling take-downs while hanging upside down or crawling on a ceiling, as well as wall take-downs. Get creative. The game's current take-down a great base, but not all of them are exactly the one's we want to use, we have preference and that's why I think customization would be awesome. It could also give the devs feedback on which Take-downs are used the most. Maybe have a setting where enemies can attack you while you're getting a take-down to make it more difficult and really impact which take-downs you choose or when you choose to use them.

Karma system

I know spider-man is usually always a good guy. But this is an alternate universe, he can be whoever we want him to be, and the game should reflect that. A Karma system would be awesome. Lethal and non-lethal take-downs. And we know venom and carnage have to be in the game eventually and what better way to take advantage of the Karma system than to use them to justify a "lethal" spider-man. Or maybe you can be chaotic good and just find that killing is sometimes necessary and makes things more efficient because the threats and stakes of the game become increasingly more high risk. I will note, that I don't think the Karma system should really have huge impact on the main story if the devs don't want it to. I just think it should be there to give diversity to game-play, like if you decide not stop a crime etc, lost karma, or if you use a lethal take down, lose karma, or if you accidentally kill some one, lose karma. I mean, with the take-down in this game, spider-man is killing people by slamming them on their head in concrete, I think those 'non-lethal' take-downs should be able to accidentally kill and make you think twice about which take-downs to use when.


The karma system should essentially be a measure for "with great power comes great responsibility". And on the Karma Spectrum, extreme good is responsibility, and extreme 'bad' is power and it should just be this mini-game of balancing power and responsibility. And it could make for interesting dialogue for Jameson and give him any reason to make you menace. And you just hear Jameson yelling "look he's killing people, He's a Menace" and then it with give more weight to your actions and public image. And it would be really cool to see your most brutal lethal take-downs on the news in the game and Jameson trying to make you look bad. But then a cop to come on the radio and be like, "yeah well cops kill bad guys too, Spider-man is just better at it and still has a better chance of taking them out without killing, he does a better job than us and we don't have to risk our lives as often, he's got superpowers, and I got a family to go home to, he can kill bad guys all day for all I care" lol. It also gives weight and realism and immersion to the game, that sometimes, non-lethal isn't always enough and even superheroes aren't perfect and accidents happen, some bad guys are that tough that you can't just knock them out, it's kill or be killed, or web them up. It adds a whole other level of challenge to the game to try to go through it without killing anyone, and I think that should be really hard, and it would give more depth to spider-man and more replay-ability of the game. It should feel like trying to get through a metal gear solid game without killing anyone, that's almost the kind of challenge I want.


Overall traversal in this spider-man game was great and better than anything we've seen before, but there's still room for improvement. One of the biggest Issue I ran into was the recovery from landing on walls, specifically if you free aim and web zip to a wall, it's real clunky and leaves you vulnerable to getting hit. You have to pause to jump off the wall, I'd like to be able to recover and jump off the wall faster or go straight into a wall run or be able to dodge or jump off the wall instantly.

Another improvement I'd really like to see with traversal is the ability to swing 360 degrees. Why stop at the peak of our swing and turn the other way? Why not do a 270 and swing back down behind you? I think this would add a whole new skill ceiling to web swinging and it would allow for really cool tricks. Diving should be able to combo into a ground pound without using webs, and the area of effect should be determined by your momentum. Just imagine about to swing past a crime and you 360 swing into a dive ground pound, or dodge cancel the dive into a web zip or wall take-down.

I really loved this Spider-man game because it was challenging, and some of the take-downs were really good and had elements of jujitsu, which I loved, and web slinging and traversal is so fun. The game was so close to being sustainable and almost infinitely re-playable, you wanted an excuse to play it again because it was that fun, and I think improving on these things could be revolutionary in making a sustainable single player game.

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