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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 THOUGHTS!!

SpidermanPS4 1 - Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 THOUGHTS!!

Let’s get into the things I’m excited for(a wish list). Traversal. I’d like improved, smoother parkour with additional moves and tricks. Spider-Man runs fast in this game but I’d love to be able to sprint at full speed. As for the web swinging, it’s great and will obviously be improved but I would I would enjoy if the camera was a bit closer. Everything seems so small and the scale of the city doesn’t seem as large as it probably is. Maybe closer in like assassins creed syndicate. The buildings and overall citing felt huge, too huge, but not for Spider-Man. Back to the swinging, I would fucking love the ability to shoot your web further for those huge Raimi arch swings. Every time I shot for a web swing, it all felt like close to equal distance regardless of height or speed. Then comes the dive bomb. Some people may hate me saying this but I feel it’s absolutely useless besides looking cool. Everyone here knows that if you’re diving off a skyscraper and shoot a web swing, the bottom of the arch should feel extremely heavy and should launch you an incredible distance. Talk about quick travel, jump off avengers tower and launch your self halfway or a quarter way through the city. As for the games difficulty… give me a break. The game (for me and a lot of players I’ve talked to) wasn’t challenging until they released the ultimate difficulty. That felt as if that should’ve been the normal difficulty. That being said, in “reality”, obviously Spider-Man can tear through a group of thugs in an instant but it’s a game, so give us a challenging game that’ll really make us contemplate and plan how we are going to go about the game and how you take out a group of thugs or a Villan. THE VILLAINS. Pleaseeee give us harder boss battles. Make them like puzzles that we have to actually think about. Enough of this waiting until they’re tired to attack or they stun themselves by running into a wall. Sure, that could be one way of defeating a boss but he/she is a SUPER villan. They should be able to learn from you as you learn from them. When you’re playing as miles and you have to avoid the rhino… that was a scary ass part of the game because you felt helpless. All villains should feel like that when you’re fighting them as Spider-Man. They aren’t much of a villain if you aren’t worried about how you’re going to take them out. I don’t think I need to say much about stealth. It’s obviously not good. Anyways. I’m sure I could think of more, just some things I was thinking about.


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