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Marvel’s Spiderman Main Story Line

SpidermanPS4 4 - Marvel's Spiderman Main Story Line

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Main Story Line Concept

Sick Harry Venom (Carnage INSIDE) gets Out of His Tank but and left another Venom INSIDE of IT. He immediatly Crashes the Tank and vandalaizes at Oscorp

So The non Host venom Merges with Connors where IT secretly splits again because The Symbiote got infected with The ability to Stop cells that are not Part of The body From Mergig with IT due to Connors disease.

Osborn decides to become The Green Goblin to get His son Back in place and Ends Up raging together with anti Venom lizzard trough The City.

Miles and Peter find Out that The Goblin and anti Venom Lizzard Destroyed The City so they Split Up and search for Them. But before they can so that they hear from MJ that the oscorp building ist Destroyed and on fire so Miles Morales Heads over there.

Peter Parker instead Beats the Goblin And The anti Venom lizzard together With Mr.negative which appeard at The Last moment before IT could cure spiderman.

The Goblin tells Peter Parker that If He wants to cure Connors he needs the Antidote made vor anti venom which is at oscorp

Peter Parker With the Help of Mr.Negative takes the Lizzard and get him over Oscorp where He gets the Antidote for being Back to normal.

In the meantime Miles Morales is trying His best Not to die against carnage But He struggles very hard while keeping him from getting His Hands on another symbiote Sample and protecting the storage of Antidotes.

Peter Parker immediatly Heads over to the oscorp while Hes getting told that Miles saved the Antidote But carnage Managed to get another Sample for himself and had Transformed Into Toxin.

Even With His suit abilitys Miles Morales is No Match for him so Toxin Beats him Up to the Point where He only has His Senses and Power left.

Connors decides to get one of His old Samples and become the Lizzard again But after cured twice and having anti Cella He can Control IT now very good and Fights alongside Mr.Negative Miles Morales and Peter Parker and they start to fight Toxin.

Right of the bat The Lizzard still isnt a Match for him at all and gets beaten Up unconcious in the Corner right away. Mr. Negative rushes in to See If Hes still Alive AS Toxin Throws the Last Symbiote Sample in their Direction. Miles Morales Sees that and needs to make a quick decision.


Alternative Endings

  1. The Lizzard gets Hit by IT.

2.Mr.Negative gets Hit by IT.

3.Miles Morales web pulls IT

  1. Toxin Throws a Symbiote Sample at the Lizzard so He becomes Anti Venom Lizzard again. But the Antidote is still in His blood so He is very weak.

Peter Parker and Miles Morales Cover Toxin in Webs as Mr.Negative uses His Powers to create Ultra Sounds so He is having a hard time to move while The Lizzard Starts to cure Toxin But IT takes way too Long.

So Miles Morales comes decides to overload the Power Supply of Oscorp and Blow Up the whole building together with Toxin but His suit isnt enough so He gets The Help of The Negative. The engines finally start to explode one after another But the Mr.Negative needs to stay to keep on Lending Power for that. So Miles Morales gives the Others the sign to get Out of there and saves himself too as Toxin and the Mr.Negative get blown up to pieces.

  1. Toxin Throws a Symbiote Sample at the Mr.Negative so he becomes Venom which Makes him very Dangerous for the whole City as He can Just Teleport which means Theres is Not much time. While fighting alongside Peter Parker having a very tough time against Toxin , Miles Morales notices that His suit has almost recovered.

    After a while Standing His Ground together with Peter Parker He decides to make the sacrifice to use all of His Energy for an Explosion to kill both Toxin Venom His own Symbiote and maybe himself too. The whole Floor gets shattered by a big Wave. Peter Parker afterwards Sees that Miles Morales is laying unconcious in the Floor But luckily survived.

  2. Miles Morales web pulls the Sample over to him and unites with the Symbiote to stand a Chance against Toxin. He Orders the Mr.Negative to get Connors together with the Antidote Out of Oscorp to Fight Toxin alongside with Peter Parker. But He refuses and Just Makes Sure that Connors is Safe.

Mr.Negative decides to Lend His Life Energy to Miles suit AS He believes Hes the only one who can defeat Toxin. As he finally finds an opening He uses all of His suit Power diverts the Symbiote into His Fist and end IT with one last Shot. Toxin finally got defeated.

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