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My Theory on the Spiderman/Avengers(game) Timeline.

SpidermanPS4 10 - My Theory on the Spiderman/Avengers(game) Timeline.

This post doesn't contain spoilers, if it does, it is not noticed and I'm sorry. Please tell me and I'll fix it.

Anywho. We all by this time should know quite a bit if not close to everything about the Spiderman PS4 game. Even if you don't, really not required to fall along. Its all theory anyway.

However, my theory is how the next few Spiderman/Avengers game/DLC will play.

So, I'd like to state that the Spiderman PS4 game, in my opinion, if not the Avengers game, is kicking off an MGU. A M.arvel G.aming U.niverse

Now,this is what leads me to theory. If you collected the collectibles in Spiderman and viewed the secret locations, such as Wakandan Embassy, Matt Murdocks attorney business, card, Mysterios lens and etc then you realize this game is based upon a world that the Avengers (and Spiderman) have pretty well been established. They are a known force and they are there. They are popular. People know.

Upon viewing the Avengers Tower in Spiderman, we get a quote along the lines of "I wonder how the Avengers are doing in the West Coast." I'm paraphrasing, don't get mad if that wasn't close. It was something along those lines. (I'm drunk at the time of writing this). And now we know that the Avengers game takes place and is primarily based in the West Coast.

Within the Miles' Spiderman trailer, Peter says, "Now it is your turn. Go be a hero, Miles." The way it is recorded and said gives the effect that he is gone, and just leaving a message. It also gives the effect that maybe Peter is dead and this is his message to Miles, though unlikely he would die inbetween the first and second game.

No, my opinion of this is that Peter sent this message as he was on his way to travel to the West Coast to join the Avengers, it is already known that Spiderman is confirmed as Avengers DLC for Playstation.

So my theory is this: Spiderman(ps4)- Showing that Peter is an adult Spiderman who can handle himself Avengers- Peter joins the Avengers and helps them on their effort on the West Coast (seeing as how it is a live-service and characters will be added)


So then, Spiderman:Morales, will pick up as Miles, after Spiderman has taught some lessons to Miles and trained him, before leaving for the Avengers. Spiderman 2 Will coincide with Peter being in the Avengers, leaving Miles as the Spider of New York. In Spiderman 3, my theory is that it will incorprate the events of Avengers and Spiderman 1-1.5-2(as most is calling Miles' Spiderman as a spinoff/etc but alsp Spiderman 2). In Spiderman 1.5/2, Miles will assume the role as Spiderman in New York as the Avengers work with Peter Parker SPIDERMAN in the main sequence of events.

Within Spiderman 1.5/2, I assume we will see the full transformation as Peter Parker assumes his role as Spiderman in the Avengers. Leaving Miles Morales as the Spiderman of New York, while "Spiderman" continues to fight along the Avengers.

In Spiderman 2.5/3, I assume Peter Parker will take full responsibility as an Avenger, and leave all the street crime and low-mid profile criminals for Miles Morales.

This will also affect what is happening during the Avengers game. As Miles learns and earns his role as Spiderman, Peter doesn't need to help as much in NYC. Leaving Miles in charge of being "Spiderman".

However, soon Peter Park will reach his fate. Death. Peter Parker has been Spiderman and with the Avengers for many years at this date, and he either retires the Spiderman mantle, leaving it all to Miles, or he dies. Again, leaving it all to Miles. And upon his death, Miles will become the Spiderman of the MGU. The Marvel. Gaming. Universe.

Peter has died, maybe many characters have, as we know the Avengers DLC will include Hawkeye as Kate Bishop, not Clint Barton.

So in summary, Spiderman leaves to join the Avengers, leading to the Miles' Spiderman game. From there, Miles will slowly take place as the Avengers Spiderman as somehow, something will take place that Peter Parker is incapable of, leaving Miles to be Spiderman until Peter's death.

So in terms, Spiderman is preparing Miles to be Spiderman as he joins the Avengers. Eventually, Miles will be the one to take place of Peter's spiderman in the Marvel Gaming Universe.

TLDR: Spiderman PS4 was leading to Spiderman joining the Avengers, which he does, and eventually retiring or dying, leaving Miles as the Spiderman and Avenger

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