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My thoughts about Gwen Stacy for Spider-Man 2

SpidermanPS4 1 - My thoughts about Gwen Stacy for Spider-Man 2

I recently started playing through Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and it reminded me "man, I want a Spider-Gwen/Ghost-Spider game." So I browsed this sub to see what others thought of Gwen being in a future sequel, and I see more people against it than for it, and I have to wonder why? There are three responses I typically see, with one of them being more about the game's setting than Gwen, so I'll lead with it.

Point 1: It would be repetitive to have so many games take place in "the same New York.": Uhh… you do realize that we are talking about Spider-Man, right? Y'know, the Superhero that, barring a few brief instances, is almost exclusively oriented around New York? Of course Spider-Man (and Spider-Man adjacent games) will take place in New York; it's on brand for the character. Now, I could see them adding more areas outside of Manhattan Island, sure, but basically all Spidey games that have free roam take place on Manhattan Island. This pertains to Gwen in that if she were to get Spider-Powers, she'd most likely have a game based in New York… so what? Like I just said: all Spider-Man games with free roam take place in New York.

Point 2: Gwen would lose what makes her unique without the loss of Lizard-Peter!: I find this argument against her inclusion to be, frankly, dumb. This isn't the comics, nor is it "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" in game form; this is a new universe with it's own lore and new spins on classic characters. Miles is walking proof of that. His story in the comics and ItSV is based around becoming his own Spider-Man (like how it is in his game), but the catalyst for his character arc is, in the context of these games' universe, not based around the death of a Peter Parker. They changed his backstory and made it work in the context of the game (hell, they made him better than his comic book counterpart in a number of ways imho). Gwen could very well get a similar change to her backstory. They wouldn't even need to use the Spider-Verse concept at all for it if done right.

Example of what I mean off of the top of my head: Gwen could have had a past relationship with Peter. This could be due to a breakup with MJ in his past, or before the two of them ever started dating. It doesn't matter, but it could lead to a unique shift in dynamic. Now throw in Gwen returning with spider powers, and Peter having to teach Gwen how to use them or something. It causes some relationship drama due to MJ getting jealous because of Gwen being able to be there more for both sides of Peter's life (as Peter and as Spider-Man), which would be extra juicy if you make Gwen her best friend. Then you have the story progress until Gwen loses her dad or something (bonus points if he's thrown from the top of a bridge and Gwen fails to save him). I'll admit it's not a perfect solution, but it's something that could give her a role in the story, and would tie into the development of at least 3 characters (Peter, MJ, and Gwen), and if done right, pay tribute to the history of the mainline character. Hell, you could say that her and MJ were part of a band in high school, but the band broke up for one reason or another to add some extra Spider-Gwen nods if you want. Again, it's not a perfect idea, but it's at least attempting to find a way to weave her into the plot of a sequel, rather than dismissing it as "too hard to do."


Point 3: If Gwen were Spider-Woman/Spider-Gwen/Ghost-Spider, then there'd be too many Spider-People: I always felt like this argument was dumb, since I personally think that the Spider-Man adjacent heroes deserve some attention. I think Gwen is the most obvious, because it wouldn't require extra work like 2099 or Noir. A lot of people say they want those two, and while I like 2099 a lot, I doubt we'll get a game until he's more popular… and I don't think Noir would work as well as people think. It would require a lot more work, and I'd rather they not deal with multiverse stuff (reminder that 2099 is from a possible future multiverse, not the actual "set in stone" future) this early on. I'd give it a little while longer before considering that. Maybe after Spider-Man 3 or something.

As I see it, Ghost-Spider is the most popular addition to the Spider-Man family in a long time. I remember when the comic that featured her was new, and how Marvel hadn't expected such a positive reaction at the time. She's currently got her own tie-in to "King in Black" in the comics, where she fights Carnage MJ, which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

But the bulk of the issue people have with more Spider-People is that it "makes Spider-Man less special," but I feel like that is a deliberate misreading of the character's identity. Peter Parker was never meant to be "special," he was meant to be "the everyman superhero." His suit is designed the way it is (i.e. full body, no visible skin) because it allows practically anyone to project themselves into the role of Spider-Man. It's why Miles is considered "Spider-Man" too (even if I personally think he should come up with his own code name for the sake of personalized branding, but that's the marketing side of my brain at play). Miles is able to be Spider-Man because any boy can be Spider-Man… so why deprive girls of that ability in a video game? Gwen's suit is the best designed for it (and is frankly one of the cooler Spider-Suits out there), and Gwen is a fun character to work with. So long a the writing is able to work with it, there's really no issue outside of preference, and I frankly don't give a damn about anyone's preferences but my own.

Peter has an identity of his own: he's the experienced mentor figure, and is more oriented around gadgets than Miles is in his game. Miles, as far as his game is concerned, is more about his unique abilities (the "Venom Strike" and the ability to turn invisible), and has limited gadgets by comparison. All that's needed is a way to make her stand out in the crowd, and I think that, in the capable hands of Insomniac, Gwen can very well stand out.

In short: I don't get why any of you think Gwen appearing and having powers is a bad thing. Presumably all of you accept Miles, so give Gwen a chance, since she's the best candidate for it… that, or they give MJ powers… which honestly would make her gameplay segments less shitty.

Another way of looking at it: If we get Gwen as Ghost-Spider, that means less MJ missions, and those were the worst part of the original game, so that's reason enough for me lol.

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