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New Spider-Man player here. Anybody else wish the game had more enterable buildings/environments?

SpidermanPS4 9 - New Spider-Man player here. Anybody else wish the game had more enterable buildings/environments?

First of all, I just wanna say I'm absolutely in love with this game. I've been away from gaming since the 360/ps3 era due to money, but with my work from home extended likely through the end of this year I went ahead and got a PS4 and this was the first game I wanted to play.

It's incredible for sure, the past few days I've been in a trance because it's so fun. The nostalgia from my Spider-man 2 days on the original Xbox is very real! This is at this point in time the best video game I've ever played. I'm sure once I go through all the PS4 exclusives that might change but yeah this game is magical.

Still, it's funny but my biggest complaint so far is really specific and probably not something other people would care about much. An underrated aspect of open world games to me has always been the ability to enter buildings and environments that aren't just tied to main or side missions during free roam. In my opinion this makes an open world game feel a lot more real than just existing in the outside world, not being able to really interact at all with the environment if that makes sense. A good example of this in my past is San Andreas. I loved being able to go to the restaurants, gyms, casinos, airports etc. whenever I wanted in free roam. I feel like GTA started phasing this out after San Andreas.


That's not to say there isn't enough to do outside of the missions, there's obviously a ton in this game. But one thing I love, as small as it is, is going into Otto's lab whenever I want to listen to his voice recordings and work on the puzzles in there. One thing I really liked in Spider-Man 2 was going to the Daily Bugle and sneaking in through the roof, then you go through the bathroom over to where Jameson is. In Otto's lab you do this too which I thought was great! I love the research stations too for this reason, but outside of that I don't notice many enterable buildings (forgive me if there are more examples later in the game, I'm about 50% complete right now).

I think the decision to craft, change and upgrade suits and gadgets at any point is a smart decision because it would be a pain having to go to specific locations to do so. But I can't help but wish there was some sort of safe house or home base to craft or do other activities periodically. I don't necessarily mean more puzzles because I know those get boring, but maybe some place to do more research that will add little bits of info to the backstory the way the backpacks did could be cool. Again it just helps my immersion in open world games even if it functionally doesn't make a lot of sense. I was actually a little bummed you couldn't work on the suit more in Otto's lab but that's just because you can do it anyway which like I said is a smart decision. Is it possible Insomniac adds more enterable buildings in future games? Do enough people even care about this like I do haha.

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