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New Thinking on Black Cat; and the meaning of the word ‘Partner’. (Spoilers)

SpidermanPS4 10 - New Thinking on Black Cat; and the meaning of the word 'Partner'. (Spoilers)

So, the debate between MJ and BC has been around for as long as the comic books.

But I'd like to put this thought out there: Cat crossed the line; and MJ proved herself; both with the same point: May.

Early in the game, before the DLC, we find that Cat and Spidey were 'Partners' for a while, until Peter found out she was playing him, and helping him take down bad guys so she could rob them. JJ's podcast makes the point: "I'm going to take a wild guess here and say: 'He'll give her a second chance'." when she comes back into the game as a side mission.

That's their whole dynamic really, but when you get to this game; and MJ wanting to be Spider-Man's 'partner', the point of friction isn't that he doesn't want her in his world, it's that he doesn't want her on the front lines. She wants to be in the thick of it, and respected as a player in her own right, even without powers.

But the wildcard in this question is May: May Parker is running FEAST, keeping many people going, when the world has given up; taking all the responsibility on herself, is betrayed by her mentor/financial support, and ultimately makes the sacrifice play; giving her life for the salvation of the city.

May Parker, without a mask, or a superpower to her name, follows the exact same path that Spidey does in this game. Down to, and including, taking on Miles as an apprentice.

Spidey would happily have MJ in the mission. She even becomes a major plot point, uncovering the leads that direct the player to the next mission. Leads that Yuri can't provide. From a gameplay perspective, it's seems like an excuse to have her dialogue in; but it's not. MJ is being 'the guy in the chair'. It's a position that has proven relevant in all superhero teams for the last ten years.


So Peter, seeing a Partner, would prefer MJ to take a more 'May' approach to superhero work. MJ would rather take the Black Cat route. Stealthy, smart, necessary.

But the thing is, May did everything Peter would have preferred, and she did not survive. MJ was way more into it, and she lived; because she had help. With Spidey as her Partner, she could break into the Osborn Penthouse, and escape clean. If Felicia had been sneaking around the Penthouse for that mission, trusting Spidey to catch her, it would have been equally in character for her.

Now, earlier I said: "Cat crossed the line." And you may be wondering how I figure that? And the answer is: May. Peter had just lost the last of his family, and then Cat plays the 'son' card to keep Spidey on the hook while she commits another crime. She may not have come out and said it, but I defy anyone to say that she wasn't playing him by taking a shot at his heartstrings.

Peter's great fear is that one day he'll be by MJ's bedside, saying goodbye to her; but May provided that nightmare without superheroics. And I legit wonder if Cat would have stuck around for the funeral.

So, here's my two cents in the ongoing Cat vs MJ debate: Peter's already had a partner with superpowers. He's also had a unpowered partner that he could actually trust completely. If there's anything that the main game vs the DLC has proven, it's that being counted on is the more important part of being a crimefighter.

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