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Ok. So about Harry.

SpidermanPS4 10 - Ok. So about Harry.


First, a short story.

I’ve been in the Spidey Squad since I could articulate my hand with a pencil. He’s always been a huge artistic inspiration for me, and has never wavered from being my number one most favorite character on all time, in any media, ever.

I bought Spider-Man at the beginning of the year. Played the game to around 20%, never felt drawn in, and I put my controller down and didn’t pick it back up for the next eight months, for any game; thanks depression.

But anyway, that’s my excuse for being so damn late to the party with this, lol.

So, man, where does one even start with discussing such a complete and utter masterpiece.

The mechanics are amazing, be it combat or traversal; I’m sure it could be tweaked to perfection, but I couldn’t tell you where any of it needs work. The graphics, oh, muh god, dare I say, spectacular. But the story…

The story is all I want to talk about. Like, what the hell Insomniac. How you just gonna nonchalantly create one of the best interpretations of Spidey, ever, from his voice, to the design of the Advanced Suit, to the masterfully orchestrated relationships Pete has with everyone around him. On top of that, Insomniac gives Spidey one of the best stories that I’ve ever experienced in gaming.


ARE THE RATCHET AND CLANK STORIES THIS LEGIT? I’ve always been more of a Jak/Sly fan myself.

Anyway, I digress. So. About Harry.


Now that was a twist that I was not prepared for.

Ok so Harry is sick, but he seems to be sick with… the Symbiote…? How could this possibly play out? As far as I’m concerned, the story is basically set up for Goblin, and now Venom. So is Norman gonna inadvertently create Goblin in Harry through trying to cure him? Where did the Symbiote come from? Harry can’t be Venom, right? The Symbiote has to attach to Pete first, otherwise it wouldn’t hate Pete for rejecting it, and it wouldn’t have a reason to adopt the spider symbol. What about Eddie; was he ever even mentioned in the game? Please, give me your theories.

Also one last question. Why did Pete seem surprised that Otto knew he was Spidey? I felt like it was obvious that he realized it right off the bat. I thought the whole, “oh you’re his suit designer,” was Otto’s little wink-wink, nudge-nudge way of telling Pete that his secret was safe.

Anyway thanks for reading my ramblings. Once I get my internet set up I’ll share some of my photo mode shenanigans. Have amazing day.


Edit/Post-script: I definitely shit my pants at that whole, “Yo Adrian/I must break you,” exchange during the Vulture/Electro fight. That was pure gold. Also, my favorite boss fight.

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