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So the next Spider-Man game ins’t confirmed, but it’s obvious we’re getting one. So here are a few things that would make it better than both of the games before it.

SpidermanPS4 3 - So the next Spider-Man game ins't confirmed, but it's obvious we're getting one. So here are a few things that would make it better than both of the games before it.

Making jokes during battle: Now I know that they makes jokes when fighting, but that's only when a new wave of enemies show up (I'm talking about Spider-Man PS4). So in the next game if he makes several jokes throughout the fight (kinda like how Miles and Peter did in the first Miles Morales mission), it'd make the game better. Besides, their jokes are actually pretty funny, especially Peters.

Fighting the Sinister Six again and maybe a new Sinister Six?– With this new Sinister Six, I'm thinking the members should be: Venom, Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus, and Electro. Now that's only 4. So I'm thinking that we can fight some of Peter's older villains, such as: Sandman and the Lizard(I've always wanted to fight Sandman), and they all come at Miles and Peter at the same time. If a mission like this happens I want there to be badass cutscenes.

Continue to use technology in the suit when fighting- Similar how to that was done in Miles Morales. Enough said.

Maybe Peter they get their identity revealed and have to figure out a way to stop it- Self explanatory, but maybe when battling the Sinister Six, the fight gets reallyyyyy bad. Miles and Peter win the fight, but they rip off their masks in the process. It'd be cool to see how they make everyone not know who they are again

Have some sort of fight or interaction with the Avengers- Like literally anything will do. We know the Avengers exist in the game but they don't do anything. So maybe there is a fight where Miles and Peter get back from the Avengers

Flashbacks to Miles' and Peter's early career as Spider-Man: I'm talking about playing during the flashback, and flashback cutscenes. Some of the things I'd like to see is: Peter getting the spider bite, Peter becoming Spider-Man, Peter's first swing, Peter at the Bugle, Miles' first swing etc.


A part where Miles and Peter get badass suit upgrades (make new suits) to fight a mega threat: Like maybe at the end of the game they both make new awesome looking suits to fight the last boss. But then they leave us on a cliffhanger. With that cliffhanger, we know we'll get another game.

If we could play the older missions that were gonna be in the game. For example

video at 38 seconds ( I don't think this part was in the game) or that same video at 47 seconds. I REALLY wanted to see who he was chasing, and that parkour was just awesome. So maybe in the next game if we play that mission, it'd be cool

I know alot of people would disagree with me for this, but an online version: A Spider-Man game where we make our own character and our own suit. Kinda like GTA Online. I know alot of people don't want this, but I think it'd be really cool

Peter getting the Venom suit for awhile and playing as him for a bit: Like imagine how badass this would be. Like obviously he's probably gonna fight Venom when he eventually removes the suit, but imagine how brutal he would be. The different finishers, the black and stronger webs, the new combos and overall fighting style. Imagine how could that would be.

Jameson liking Spider-Man, and POSSIBLY knowing he's Peter: This one seems to be a bit of a stretch, I admit, but I'd really like to see this. I fucking love how in the current comics, and in universe 1610 he actually likes Spider-Man, and knows he's Peter. I feel like it'd just be much better to see in the game, and Jameson talking positively about Spider-Man.

What do you think of this post? Do you agree with what I said?

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