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Some of my predictions (and hopes) for the eventual Spider Man sequel game, tell me what you think!

SpidermanPS4 7 - Some of my predictions (and hopes) for the eventual Spider Man sequel game, tell me what you think!

Apologies if this is a common prediction.

TLDR: I think it will go the Sam Raimi movies Harry Osborn – Peter Parker route, basically like Spider Man 1 – 3.

I think Norman, in an attempt to cure Harry after GR-27, gets rid of the symbiote (at this point I don't think he'll want to use the Venom symbiote for Harry as he would probably know that it raises aggression in someone) and with no where to go, will use the Green Goblin as a facade to protect his identity to rob government agencies, relief centers or anything of the sort in an attempt to find a way to fix Harry. I don't think he'll be crazy, like say Spider Man 1 (Sam Raimi trilogy), more so a pretend maniacal looney. I predict this because of the fact he's already prepared for this; in the first game, when you go into the lab where Harry is propped up, you'll see purple grenades and a green basket. Now, these are things that don't need to be coloured in such an extravagant and colourful way, however, like I said, I think he will be trying to create a persona. He's also mentally fit in the first game, not indicating any clear signs of insanity, so the grenades wouldn't make sense if he was mentally fit and geniunely turning into a pretend goblin.

The symbiote ends up finding his way to Peter, and peters gets it pretty early on into the story. You heard this song and dance; gets angrier as time goes on, is a dick to MJ and Miles, tells Miles he doesn't need help from a crummy and inexperienced sidekick, yadayadayada.

Peter discovers that Osborn is the Green Goblin, and maybe the first half of the game is dedicated to fighting Norman; in short, I think it will end with Peter killing Norman out of aggression; and immediately regretting it. So he gets rid of it.

Now, here's where Harry comes in; eventually, he wakes up in his tank after the symbiote got mad that Peter broke up with it and decided he took his ex for granted, and breaks out. He finds out his dad died when watching the news. Now, who's responsible for the killing of Osborn? Spider Man. Now Harry is REALLLY mad. And the Symbiote speaks to him. It understands him. They both hate Spider-Man.


So, Venom aka Harry Osborn is the main villain now, and he wants revenge. The other half of the game is dedicated to Peter trying to fix his life back up after the symbiote, and Venom is doing everything he can to ruin Spidey's reputation; pretending to be him, he kills Spidey villains like Shocker and Vulture and Spider Man is hunted down by the police and vilified by Miles; MJ is still mad at Peter but tries to fix things with him.

Peter tries to catch the person imitating them, and gets into a boss battle where he is absolutely humiliated. Venom gets him, rips off the mask and it's…. Peter? He's confused and Peter is confused how he knows his identity. Venom reveals his face and it's Harry. Peter is astounded, and shocked.

Peter goes home to tell MJ the news, but she's gone. Miles tells Peter on the phone that he came there and also realised she was gone, so he goes after Venom. Peter tells him to wait near it and they'll fight him, together.

The final battle is Peter and Miles V Venom, and at the end, Miles is down and Venom is a second away from killing Peter, then Peter explains what's happening to him; the symbiote. It's making Harry aggressive, and worse. Most of all, Peter tells him he's sorry for what happened to Norman, and that there was no excuse for it. Harry soon getz confused on how to feel and fights with the symbiote over it. He passes out, symbiote on the ground and Peter webs it up.

Harry is sent to the raft, and meets Doc Ock. He still doesn't know how to feel about Peter, but Doc Ock manipulates him into feeling hatred again. I think this will lead to a Venom Harry and Carnage Doc in the sequel.

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