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Spider-Man 2 NEEDS to let us import the suits from the first game

SpidermanPS4 9 - Spider-Man 2 NEEDS to let us import the suits from the first game

I'm serious. This needs to happen. The suits in the first game look absolutely amazing, and it'd be a shame to let them go to waste and be limited to just the first game. Insomniac needs to implement a mechanic that lets you transfer those suits over to the sequel.

There isn't even a graphics problem here, since we have Spider-Man Remastered on the PS5. I highly doubt that the graphics will have a drastic change from the Remaster in the second game, since they went through the trouble of updating the models and textures for the remaster on PS5. And so instead of remaking any of the previous game's suits for the second game, they should just have a way to port them over.

As for the "How?" that shouldn't be a problem either. We've already seen it. In 2009 we got games based on the first Iron Man movie and the Incredible Hulk movie. In the Iron Man game, we had the Hulkbuster armor as a skin. And if you had both Iron Man and Hulk on the same console, Hulk would find that you have the Iron Man game, and give you the Hulkbuster Armor as a skin. Granted it was not the same model since the two games had different graphics, but the point is that the system exists, and again, this time the graphics would be the same, with some minor texture / lighting improvements, so it should be compatible. So all Insomniac has to do is add a number of empty suit slots in the sequel game, and then, if Spider-Man 2 detects that you have Spider-Man Remastered on your PS5 (or hell maybe even if you only have the original game on the PS4, but it has to be on the same PSN account), then it gives you the option to import the costumes from the first game onto the next.


I mean let's face it. There's a good chance that we'll get the Raimi Black Suit and maybe the TASM2 suit in the sequel game. (Never say never. Insomniac said several times that they'll never put TASM suits in the game, in early interviews, and lo and behold, we have the TASM suit now.) You really mean to tell me that you wouldn't want to have ALL the movie suits in one game? Doing something like this would save time for them as well, so that they don't have to remake the suits from scratch to port them over, or bother with polls on "Hey what was your favorite suit in the first game, and would you like to see it in the sequel?" as to decide which suits they should remake. Just have the sequel find the first game on your system, and give you the option to port the suits over, and enjoy them in the sequel too.

Some of you might say "Yeah but then there'd be too many suits", so what? I'm pretty sure there's no given limit to how many suits they can put in a game, given how they've kept giving us more and more suits for the first game long after its release. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a favorite alternate costume in the first game and wishes to see it in the sequel too.

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