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Spider-Man 2 (ps5 sequel) predictions/theory/my version

SpidermanPS4 8 - Spider-Man 2 (ps5 sequel) predictions/theory/my version

Act 1: Harry comes back into Peter and MJs life after the post credit scene in Miles Morales. He has no idea that the symbiote keeps him stable, with him having no knowledge about it. I’d like to think that Peter has:

•Become a freelance photographer often working with the Bugle since he rediscovered his love for photography in the first game OR started teaching as a professor •Fully moved into Mays house, has added a ‘spidey-den’ in the attic or basement kinda like in ITSV •Upgraded his advanced suit (replaced the blue with black material) •Tries to contribute to Feast as to honour May

Not much has changed for miles as he is still trying to fine tune his lifestyle balance between Spidey and Miles. He’s also in the process of reconnecting his mother and his uncle aaron, which we see in cutscenes over dinner maybe or general dialogue in the game with Miles.

Harry, MJ and Peter finally reunite at their favourite spot, with both MJ and Peter in grand rejoice about both having their best friend back! Harry notices during the meal that MJ and Pete have a certain spark again and thinks maybe MJ and Peter are together again. This doesn’t bother him much though as all he cares about right now is cherishing this moment with the 2 people he cares about most.

After the meal Harry gets up but falls over prompting Peter and MJ to both panic causing Harry to realise that somehow MJ and Peter knew that he was sick. This doesn’t change anything and they have a heart to heart discussion where Peter says Harry is like his brother and that he couldn’t bear to lose someone else he cared deeply for. This is enough for all 3 of them and they end the day off pleasantly.

Through cutscenes we see that while Harry is ‘normal’ and fine for the moment, he has trouble sleeping and sometimes coughs up blood. The symbiote starts to effect his mood greatly as time passes. During this time Peter and Miles focus on taking down some rogues from their gallery, this isn’t a huge section of the game though. Due to the symbiote influencing him, whenever he spends time with MJ and Peter some reason all he thinks about is how he hates that they are together.

He asks MJ to dinner as friends obviously and tries to kiss her which later leads to Mj and Pete breaking up as they decide their friendship with Harry and their Trio is ultimately more important especially since their scared Harry’s condition may get worse again and want to make the best of everything.

This is where Gwen Stacy comes into the picture, with Peter randomly running into her/rescuing her as Spider-Man, almost like in the first game with MJ. They decide to get back into touch and restore their friendship as the 2 dated in the past at some point as well.

Harry gets into an arguement with Norman about his future and the future of Oscorp which ultimately makes the symbiote take over Harry causing him to rampage through the city. Peter and Miles stop him but the symbiote ‘disperses’ when Miles shocks it without the duo realising a portion of it stuck to Peter when he ripped Harry out. Harry goes back into coma mode while Peter works on trying to find a way to cure Harry as well but realises he may need a sample of the symbiote.

Act 2:

Miles is going through an old box of Peters at his house and accidentally opens the vial that sandman was trapped in, releasing him. This leads to Sandman fighting Miles and overpowering him, trapping him in the process. Sandman breaks out a villain out of the raft and the 3 make a plan to use This Spider-Man as bait to get the other one.

Peter is lured in as such and unknowingly uses the symbiote after his suit is nearly destroyed, ultimately managing to beat both of them. Sandman damages the structural integrity of the building, using the commotion to escape. Some Debris is about to fall over Miles and Peter uses his new webbing for the first time almost instinctively. Miles then points out shocked that it’s the same suit Harry Osborn had. Peter realises he can try and make a cure for Harry from the symbiote if it helped stabilise him earlier, so he keeps it for ‘research’ as he tells miles, using it more and mor frequently as time passes.

•A cool mechanic could be finding other bits of the symbiote and reabsorbing them to get better abilities • each suit in the game has a symbiote version!

The symbiote slowly started to effect Peter, making him more cocky. MJ tries to reach out to him but he doesn’t care, deciding in the moment that he wants to pursue Gwen after receiving a message from her. He starts spending more time with Gwen, even revealing that he is Spider-Man (something he wouldn’t have done but does due to the symbiote influencing him). Peter does actually care for Gwen but his actions are simply out of place for him in regard to how quickly he is trying to woo her.

IF Peter becomes a photographer, that could be one of the ways Eddie Brock is introduced, (as he signs a postcard in one of the bag packs from the first game.) Peter competes with Eddie causing him to dislike him while feeling insecure about his job.

As time passes Miles starts to slowly notice how rough Peter has become around the edges and decides to talk to him. Peter then regains himself for a little while and starts working on a cure for Harry after taking a little sample of the suit: •(this is a set up for the anti venom suits Peter and miles will get for the final boss battle of the game)


He soon relapses though as he starts using the black suit full time as he decides it works better for him. He starts to slowly mistreat MJ at the Bugle as the symbiote his making him resent her while his relationship with Gwen is ‘sturdy’ but Gwen starts to realise Peter isn’t himself. This soon causes them to go on a break, which infuriates Peter. Soon Miles and Pete battle Yuri who is now a villain. Peter feels betrayed by Yuri and feels she should pay for the people she killed due to the symbiote and almost kills her which sets Miles off forcing the 2 to fight.

We play as Miles while Peter taunts us calling us knock offs, Miles later momentarily gets the upper hand after shocking the symbiote suit. This puts Peter into a rage, destroying Miles suit and Almost beating him to death. His Uncles words ring in his head before he can deal the final blow causing Peter to stop and realise how he almost went to the point of no return. This causes Peter to get rid of the suit, which then makes its way to Eddie, who learns about Peters second life and plans to kill Harry, MJ and Gwen: the 3 closest to him.

Act 3:

Peter reconciles with Miles after a long discussion where Peter nearly breaks down apologising and they bury the past which ends with Peter helping Miles make a new suit. Behind the scenes Norman has started to go crazy now that Harry is sick again and uses his experimental GR27 2.0 or another project which turns him into goblin, fueling his hate for Spider-Man after he sees a photo of him wearing the black suit. He also injects the lizard serum into Dr. Connors, trapping the Lizard in a cage to use as he decided.

Peter also reconciles with MJ telling her about the symbiote and Gwen. Peter spends his time repairing his relationship with Gwen, The cure is closer than ever and things almost seem back on track. Almost.

Eddie makes his move taking both MJ and Gwen hostage and tries to force Peter into a situation where he can only save one of them. Peter tries to stall while Calling Miles to his location. Unknown to miles, the new Villain Green Goblin is tracking him. A massive brawl breaks out Venom vs Goblin vs Peter and Miles. Peter and Miles manage rescue MJ and Gwen and send them somewhere safe while Norman and Venom brawl it out.

Spideys enter the battle again which ends with Norman releasing the Lizard, letting venom escape. Connors is taken in for help while Norman is taken in behind bars.

Eddie takes time to recuperate and realises he needs more of the symbiote to be stronger. He goes to a secret facility made by Norman which stored the symbiote hoping to recreate more of the symbiote. This creation turns into Carnage, which Eddie chooses to attach to Harry Osborn as he realises he can hurt Peter by doing this. The Carnage symbiote suddenly chooses to fight its creator, overpowering venom, absorbing both Eddie and venom, almost becoming “Super Carnage”, a Ginormous ‘bigger than venom’ amalgam symbiote which kicks both Miles and Peters asses, then starts to rampage the city, turning groups of civilians into mindless venom like drone-cronies.

Peter and Miles scurry back to Peters home where Gwen and MJ await, trying to end the catastrophe at hand. Peter then decides to add his DNA to the venom sample(or some other type of science mumbo jumbo) that he extracted earlier for Harry’s cure and creates The ANTI-Venom solution!

Peter and Miles then suit up in their new anti venom suits for the final battle against carnage/venom. The battle ends with Peter on the verge of death with the carnage symbiote destroyed with Eddie and Harry being extracted from the symbiote while the venom symbiote lives, laying low trying to reunite with Eddie ASAP while he is escorted to prison.

Harry is in critical condition now and Peter has to choose between injecting the anti venom symbiote into him not knowing what could happen or watching him die. Peter couldn’t watch another person he loved die and doing so injects him with the serum… and it works! Harry is stable! Except now the anti venom serum has permanent bonded to him and he soon realised he has gained spider powers! Peter chooses to reveal his identity to Harry not knowing about Harry’s new found powers.

A few months pass and we see Miles having dinner with his mother, Ganke and his Uncle Aaron. It cuts to Peter having dinner with Harry and MJ, glad that they survived it all and can sit together once more like they used to. Peter has decided to take Harry under his wing like he did with Miles but less intensely and the 3 rejoice at their friendship.

The game ends with Peter asking Gwen about their relationship and where they stand with Gwen saying she still cares for him but needs time to figure out whether they are really meant to be. Before ending the final cutscene of the game, Peter swings off by himself making a joke about his Parker misfortune when it comes to women.


Post credit scene reveals someone breaking out Norman from jail (implied to be Hobgoblin).

Sandman also re-emerges in an old warehouse, talking about how he needs to find other elementals like him.

Just wanted to share this. Now I can sleep. All feedback is appreciated just don’t break my heart reddit

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