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Spider-Man 2 Story and Gameplay Ideas

SpidermanPS4 4 - Spider-Man 2 Story and Gameplay Ideas

Spider-Man 2 Combat and Plot Ideas (Warning: Long Post Ahead)

Well it’s obvious the infamous Symbiote will be coming into play soon in the Insomniac Spider-Verse. I see this becoming a way Peter can counter or match Miles’s own…Venom powers? Peter’s own attack actually being Venom powers or Symbiote Powers where Peter can summon the Symbiote to do more flashy and more violent moves that deals more damage to enemies and also benefiting your traversal as well. This could work as that Web of Shadows mechanic, but to a smaller scale.

I see them working in a similar way to Miles’s unique power, with how you gain or lose meter, and with you needing to hold R1(I think the input was) and pressing whatever button. However instead of doing these attacks in short bursts and them using up chunks of meter, this time it would activate the Symbiote with how long it’s activated depending on how much meter you have. This power should be used in desperate situations and also for crowd control. If you charge all three meters you can activate a short ten second power boost that lets the Symbiote take full control and you are at your strongest, however after the timer is done you won’t be able to gain any meter for another 10 seconds to balance it out. It should make you feel much stronger like how the actual Symbiote makes Peter stronger.

To make this work with the story is something I’m still trying to figure out but I think it first we should go through how the symbiote was even found in the first place. In this verse Oscorp has been hard at work to find the next medical breakthrough to aid in the creation of GR-27. A few years back Oscorp discovered a meteorite and would do experiments with the contents inside. Through research and experimentation with animals they found out how the symbiote worked. It could heal any physical injury or sickness, but it wasn’t compatible with anything they subject it to. With the animals they experimented on, their wounds and injuries healed and they displayed peculiar increases in speed and strength but soon after they died, not being compatible or a worthy host of the symbiote. Oscorp then moved onto human subjects and found the same results however this would only happen if the Symbiote entirely entered the body. Without it fully being in control it would leave anyone in paralysis or a coma like state. Norman decided that there wasn’t enough time for them to figure out how to successfully use this so he would put Harry in a stasis chamber with the symbiote, thus slowing the merging and the sickness and keeping Harry alive. Norman needed a suitable subject to test this symbiote on but no one was strong enough to survive the merging…all but one was. The Spider-Man was the key to this.


Norman takes all the Symbiote from Harry, leaving only the stasis chamber to keep him alive, and finds a way for the symbiote to merge with Spider-Man, and the operation was successful! All Norman needed to do was give Harry Spider-Man’s DNA or similar DNA and he would be fixed. And since Norman was already hard at work trying to recreate the very spider that gave Spider-Man his powers, now all he needed to do was get the symbiote back and get one of the spiders to bite Harry.

Unfortunately the symbiote liked, no, loved it’s new strong and powerful host and didn’t want to leave. How ever Norman needed that symbiote quickly and had no time to waste. He would get that Symbiote one way or another, especially if that means collecting it from Spider-Man’s dead body. Norman sends some of Spider-Man’s most dangerous villains like Kraven, The Prowler(Who is obviously going to play a big role in MM), The Beetle, The Wizard(maybe?), and other deadly villains of Spider(If you have some ideas for other villains tell me but save some good ones for another sequel like Mysterio)after him with the task to kill him and retrieve the Symbiote. Peter obviously not wanting to die would of course fight back and find it much easier to do so with his new friend.

I can see the Symbiote being the default mode of Spidey in some portions of the story. There could even be this new thing were Peter’s mind is being occupied by two Peters, one bring the normal one and the other being the pessimistic and sometimes violent side of him. We would see how the Symbiote negatively effects his relationships with MJ and Miles. There could be that whole dynamic and maybe even leading up to a boss fight were Peter literally fights himself like that one episode of Spectacular Spider-Man. Of course by the end he would need to get rid of it by the end, but maybe he could keep a small portion of it so the new mechanic could stay, but it would also be a nice way to see how Peter thinks with two different sides of him and I can see some comedic moments with this new friend similar to the ones in Venom. How often you use the symbiote could effect the public’s view of you with JJ’s episodes and Spidey’s Twitter app thingy. JJJ could make negative comments on how often you use the suit and criticize your actions, or if he could give you a smidge of praise for your lack of use of it. Spidey’s social media could have various different opinions from people being afraid of his new approach or people agreeing and thinking its badass. I’m still trying to figure out a way to involve Eddy Brock into the game but if anyone has an idea how to please tell me.

Tell me what you guys thought of my little fun idea for the sequels. Anything I should change or add? Or any questions about some of the ideas?

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