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Spider-Man ps5 villain wishlist

SpidermanPS4 8 - Spider-Man ps5 villain wishlist

With the new leak that recently came out it got me pretty hyped and though I don’t think they will have BOTH venom AND carnage in the next game (because they are such huge characters on their own and either of them need a whole game dedicated to each character) but without further ado here’s my top 10 wishlist of the villains I’d love to see in game. The first 5 will be side villains and the last 5 will be people I’d like to see in a main villain type role

  1. Chameleon: I think he’s just a perfect side mission villain, they referenced him in the first game and I was personally very disappointed he didn’t show up after they hinted at him appearing in a certain side quest.

  2. Kraven: I personally think this is another guy that would have dope side quests. I can never truly see him being a main big bad but would be fun to have in for a short stint.

  3. Morbius: I would love to see him anywhere in this game. I’m a huge morbius fan since I was a kid watching the 90s animated series.

  4. The Lizard: I know peter already fought the lizard in the past but he would be a lot of fun to revisit since he’s one of peters mentors it would give him doc ock vibes.

  5. Big Wheel…… now hear me out. This guy would be a GREAT comedic relief villain and the community would love it, having Spider-Man take him out in 0.5 Seconds kinda like how Batman did in Arkham origins to the electrocutioner would kill me… I REALLY want to see it happen lol.

  6. Mr. Negative: I think we were all confused with what happened to him at the end of the game and we desperately need clarification on what even went on. He would fit perfectly with the main plot.

  7. Mysterio: I absolutely love Mysterio and would love to see the crazy creative stuff insomniac would do with that character.

8.Doc Ock: I really REALLY want to see the development of his and peters relationship since the first game. Him breaking out of raft and somehow seeing peter again is something I’d welcome openly.

  1. Green Goblin: I feel in my heart they may not have him be a villain til the 3rd game (if they make him a villain in this one that’s cool to.) IMO Harry eventually dying at the end of the game and it destroying him mentally and putting him over the edge to become goblin is something I’d love to see happen instead.

  2. Venom: this man venom… this guy right here NEEDS the whole game dedicated to him. Have stuff revolve around him. And it makes all the sense in the world to make Harry Venom. We know who Harry is, we know what he’s been though. Brock in this universe… but we do not know anything about him besides he used to work with peter. Harry in my eyes is the best option.

Now I know more than likely less than half of these villains will show up in game. But if more of them on this list did I would be even more hyped than I already am. What’s everyone else’s top 10 villains they would personally like to see?

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