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Spiderman Miles Morales small DLC idea

SpidermanPS4 9 - Spiderman Miles Morales small DLC idea

—————————————————-Quick Summary:

Antoine Delsoin (Hypno-Hustler)) as main villain, make him Aaron and Jefferson’s old music friend.

– Remaining members of Underground sells Phin’s tech and stolen Roxxon tech, Miles face mixed strong enemy types from both sides. (Those Indoor fights)

– Hunting for Beats/timecapsule for Aaron each talks about Antoine.

– In NewGame+ max level you can get 7 extra skill points, which is a bit much here’s 3 skills ideas (Venom Kick, Expert Technique, Camo Focus)

– New crimes, Prison Escapees now with Phin/Roxxon tech, Hypno-Hustler’s drone attacks etc.

New Enemy type, an enemy that emits a radius which within, Miles unable to focus; lose camo faster and slowdown venom/ camo regen.

—————————————————-In-Depth: rough story idea

– Rewrite for Antoine Delsoin’s story. A neighbourhood childhood friend of Aaron and Jeff, all bonded over music, even made a few beats together. Antoine was more into rock since he was raised by a single father that was a lead singer of a local rock band, whom he loved very much. Antoine eventually made his own band “Mercy Killers” with 3 other friends. Years later his father caught the Devil’s Breath (SpidermanPS4), and his dying wish was to play on stage one last time. This was before spiderman was able to get the cure. Antoine begged the rich man who owns most of the music venues in New York for one gig, the man told him with some clubs destroyed by villains, I’m losing profit, I need to focus on the genre many now will listen to, plus rock is dying. Antoine’s father died without his final wish. Desperate to hit it big with “Mercy Killers” he ordered and demanded his bandmates for many things which led to a falling out. Now a street musician, he wanders around new york, when a member of the underground selling phin’s tech, called to him. With Phin gone, and underground dying out, remaining members are looking for a quick buck. Antonie, amazed by the programmable matter, soon made a guitar out of it then added a feature to control the matter with his guitar.


He used the matter to make spider-like drones that has his Mercy Killers logo and jumps on peoples faces then shaped into headphones and a mask that has a pink swirl. These either (1, if Insomniac Games want a more ground way)Blasting high pitch sounds and Antoine ordering people to drop all their money or mug others, or the drones will deafen them forever and the drones will grab the money, or (2, if Insomniac Games embraces the comic book weirdness) the headphone and mask can actually hypnotized people and they grave up their money. Then JJ Jameson will say something like “we got someone out there hypnotizing people out of their money! like some kind of Hypno-Hustler!” Which catches Miles attention. Antoine buys more phin’s tech and control the masses to attack and burn down nightclubs/music venues that the rich guy owns. Miles deals with that, and manages to catch a drone that transformed into one of the headphone mask, with Ganke’s help they deactivate the remote control connection but the audio is still connected where they hear Antonie telling the masses to find 3 names which are his bandmates. Miles goes the police station in Harlem, asking for help, some cops being the typical ‘get outta here spiderman’ but a bigger group including the Head of the station were grateful for getting rid of Roxxon power plant. Miles and police race to find these people, in the end Antoine hunts the last one himself, Miles needs to keep the last person safe while fighting Antoine.

—————————————————– other additions

– Subplot is Miles hunting storages of phin’s tech and stolen Roxxon stuff from their battlefield it’s those indoor fights but now mix of underground and roxxon enemies vs you.

– Miles visits Aaron in jail to talk and catch up as uncle/nephew but Miles brings up the drone that’s attacking people and descibe the Mercy Killers logo which Aaron knows about. Aaron kept in touch with Antoine until his father died. Aaron has fizzy memories about their childhood but remembers timecapsules and beats they made as children and ask Miles to look for them. A police officer,who were against Roxxon and happy to help Aaron who helped bring Simon behind bars, offers to call the station anytime and he’ll let Aaron answer the phone; in other words when Miles founds a timecapsule he calls to talk to Aaron for more exposition.

3 skills idea: Vemon Kick; ‘right after a vemon jump pressing triangle on a grounded enemies kicks them, causes vemon splash dmg’, Expert Technique; ‘1 finisher can now be used on brutes’, Camo Focus; ‘Double tap Up D-pad to fill up camo bar using 2 vemon bars’

New Enemy type: new basic: Hypnotized thugs/prison escapee will both Phin and Roxxon tech.New special: enemies that has those programmable matter bags but bigger and in a shape of speakers that emits a radius high pitch that gets into Miles’ head, losing focus; other words, loses camo faster/ slowdown vemon and camo regen.

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