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*SPOILERS* What next for Spiderman

SpidermanPS4 4 - *SPOILERS* What next for Spiderman

Hey everyone. *******SPOILERS*********

Last night I finally earned my Platinum on Spider Man Miles Morales (PS5) and wanted to create a discussion on some thoughts I have on the future of the game.

Let's keep it friendly and if you haven't completed Miles Morales or any or the other spiderman game…..I would love to hear your opinions but come back after you finished the games at least once…..I would hate to ruin the experience for anyone. (I better not get a bot warning for spoilers now)

Firstly, heading into the next Spiderman game who do people think is going to be the playable character……Peter, Miles or both…..personally I like what they done with Spiderman 1 and Miles Morales…..give Peter his own story then give Miles his own story with a smaller playable game or maybe a full 20 hours of DLC split into 4 parts with Miles as the playable character…..but basically I think insomniac have made both made their versions Peter and Miles fantastic characters so I think both deserve their own stories.

What do people think of Peters future in this universe of Spidermen……the Peter Parker in original game that we got, was a Peter who had won most of his big battles and learnt most of his lesson as if he was towards the end of character arc……don't get me wrong it was a breathe of fresh air to see Peter this way….we have seen the "bitten by spider, gets his powers, uncle Ben dies" thing a thousand times before but I worry that Peter may be killed off in the next game or maybe if they make a third installment…..Miles is character to carry on Peters legacy and it makes me think that the writers are laying down the ground work for Peter Parkers Death…..if they did it, it will be a massive risk but we may not have seen such a big move like this, in a media source so mainstream as a game….so it could pay off as a shock factor.


What's the future for the Prowler… he coming back and if so is he a good guy or a bad guy…..I think a great arc would be if he comes back and gets into some blackmail trouble which means he has to start working for the bad guys again….so Peter Parker goes after him and naturally Miles is like… I do what's right and back Peter up, or do stick with family that I owe as well because he helped save the people a care about during the Roxxon plaza disaster. Be great to fight him as Peter where isn't holding back because he has no connection….maybe just as one of them is about to win the fight Miles comes and stops the fight and is like "whats going on uncle Aaron" and then he reveals the threats or blackmail he been getting and then Peter Parker been Peter Parker is like "we need to sort this together" and you get a cool mission where you have two spidermen and the Prowler working together.

I have a feeling speed Nonogon is some sort of unofficial update for the next spiderman game. I know this might sound like tin foil hat type shit but they could be secretly telling us that we are working on Spiderman 2 and the issues Gankie (spelt wrong) had, are the issues they been having in development of the new spiderman and the final update from Gankie, is them telling us where they are from now….he also lists the things he need to do before Miles can play and I think those are the aspects of the next game that they need to start and complete….another secret message i think could be linked to this is the prowlers prison sentence, felt like they were saying this is how long we want to take to make the next spiderman……I also think it could have been a secret story on how Insomniac had started out back in the day.

Peps….I could keep writing all these thought all day but I would love to hear some of your thoughts and opinions on what I have wrote.

Please remember we are all friends here and these are only my thoughts and guesses not facts so your own opinions and thoughts are just as valid as my own

Thanks guys

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