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The Black Cat Strikes #3 changed one pivotal scene from the game

SpidermanPS4 7 - The Black Cat Strikes #3 changed one pivotal scene from the game

I have always been a massive Black Cat fan. She was always my most favorite female Marvel character and to me she and Peter will always be the greatest, most complex and fun comic book couple of all time (Sorry MJ). I love her so much that I have a Black Cat tattoo and I even named my daughter Felicia after her back in 2002.

I absolutely loved how the game handled her character (and Erica Lindbeck is EVERYTHING I always wanted Felicia to sound like), always walking that fine line between criminal and hero and that underlying love between her and Peter which they both try to fight but which is undeniable.

The comic series "The Black Cat Strikes" is a retelling of Felicias DLC story from the game and yet is so much more then that. Because the series shows a lot of flashbacks that detail Peters and Felicias relationship from the past as well giving a lot more insight into Peters and MJ's relationship back then and why they broke up.

In the game MJ makes it sound she broke up with Peter because she couldn't handle him trying to protect her all the time and not trusting her. The comic however shows that she broke up with Peter because she couldn't handle being worried about him all the time – and that less then 2 weeks after their breakup she learned that Peter dated Felicia – and obsessed about it pretty heavily.

These scenes and revelations give the entire story between those three characters in the game a whole new dimension and perspective.

While the comic series very faithfully adapted the actual plot from the DLC in the present, it does change one pivotal scene very drastically. The moment when Peter tells MJ about his possible "son".

In the game Peter admits to MJ over the phone that he once slept with Felicia and could be her son's father. MJ initially freaks out about it (hanging up on Peter) but calms down later and accepts the situation.

In the comic series it's an entirely different scene. Peter swings around with Felicia while lying to MJ about it (too bad MJ actually sees them together) and he avoids coming back home to MJ for a long time. By the time he finally comes home, MJ is already pretty upset imagining all types of worst case scenarios (Peter having an affair etc.).


PETER: Okay, first off I'm sorry it's so late. I was hoping you wouldn't wait up. But since you obviously did….There's this thing Felicia told me. This big thing…maybe. And I'm kinda shook. I've been swinging around, trying to process. But I know this thing, IF it's a thing it'll affect you too. So I think we should probably talk.

MJ sits in a chair, back turned to him, not responding.


MJ: If you came to talk Peter…

Peter kneels in front of her, tells her everything.

PETER: Which isn't to say her son is….Felicia didn't tell me much. Just you know, there's a chance. And I wasn't sure how to tell you.

MJ: whew. Wow.

PETER: You're mad. I knew you were gonna be mad but it's not like I….

MJ: Do you know what it was like for me back then, Peter ? Knowing you started dating a super-sexy cat burglar like 15 days after we broke up ? Wasting whole work days torturing myself online. Obsessively researching about her. Criminal records. Fan theories. Photo after photo after photo. I couldn't understand how you were already over it. Over us. What the hell you were thinking, seeing a career criminal. I felt alone and abandoned and….I dunno, scorned. So many times I wanted to lash out. Call and make you feel everything I was feeling. But instead I sat with it. Accepted it. Got over it. Tried to be happy for you and moved on. Because I love you and I'm a grown up. I'm not angry that you dated another woman once. After I ended things. I'm not angry about this current Felicia mess and whatever else that might mean.


MJ: I'm upset that you didn't trust me enough to come here and tell me about it. That in your mind our relationship might not be strong enough to weather this.

(over Peter's mask comm) FELICIA: What's the word, Spider ? Did you find us an address ?

PETER: That's….Felicia

MJ: Cool. Tell her I got you an address.

PETER: You did ?

MJ: Yes Hammerhead owns a warehouse down by the docks. I'll send the schematics to your mask.

PETER: MJ, that's amazing. You're amazing.

MJ: Yeah…

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