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The Hate This Game Gets

SpidermanPS4 6 - The Hate This Game Gets

Some people saying that Phin spends most of the entire time in the game lambasting Miles for hiding his identity from her. That's a very exaggerated statement because she doesn't find out miles is spiderman until more than half into story. And no way your telling me if you were in her shoes you wouldn't be mad about your best friend you haven't seen in over a year lying to you when miles himself said no more secrets in their exchange before she let him into the underground. Miles even admits he shouldn't have done it. They were both wrong not just Phin. Also phin never lied about being the tinkerer. She just didn't tell him and when she found out he knew she NEVER tried to hide it from Miles.

Now as far as the rally, she literally apologizes for his mom getting hurt in the same exchange before she let him into the underground. Why would she do that if that was her intention? It was merely a distraction so she could get the nuform. They never showed the underground killing anyone. If they did please remind me when.

Uncle Aaron literally said people get stupid when they care about someone. That goes for him, miles, and phin at some point in the story. Phin was blinded by rage and anger and I get that because after her brother died she was alone, scared, and angry. If you don't have anyone close to you to be around to tell you when you're doing the wrong thing. 9 times out of 10 you're going to do the wrong thing and she has been planning this way before she got back in contact with miles. I don't know if they just watched the story on youtube but there is alot you miss in gameplay that involves the story as well.



Not just because he lied. Hence why when she was fed up with him ruining her plan that she thought was right.

If she was a absolutely horrible person with no redeeming qualities at all. Why in the final fight she was begging miles to leave because she didn't want to hurt him.

Again at the end she says she doesn't believe miles because her only best friend and last family lied. Seeing is believing. I also wish she would had saw it alot sooner as I didn't want her to die. Her sacrifice is earned for her coming back to her senses in time to save the city. We can't even say that for Dr ock in the first game. He was gone for good and had zero remorse for releasing devils breath. Even peter couldn't believe he was trying to kill him and didn't even feel bad for it at all. Like the conversation at the end of the game says people are complicated. I think this is a gray area.

Just my two cents. Please be respectful with your replies and not insult me. Just my opinion and wanted to see what others thought.

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