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This is a more detailed story of my idea for the sequel and how it handles Gwen Stacy (or the bridge scene)

SpidermanPS4 8 - This is a more detailed story of my idea for the sequel and how it handles Gwen Stacy (or the bridge scene)

Earlier in the game Spider-Man would have shown his identity to Gwen for some reason, he also has the symbiote suit which just looks like his normal costume with the white parts the same and everything else black and dark grey. It also has the ability to disappear instead of taking it off, Spider-Man would have made the mask disappear for emotional moments before this. Now before this Spider-Man would have synthesized a cure for Norman's powers, a gas mask like when he beat Tombstone, MJ is in on the plan too. We open with MJ calling Peter

While Peter swings he answers his phone.

Peter: MJ what's going on?

MJ: Peter! Norman's taken Gwen, he picked her up off the street and just flew off with her!

Peter: No! Where is he taking her?!

MJ: He was heading towards George Washington Bridge.

Peter: I'm on my way there now!

Peter gets to the bridge and Norman is on the top of it holding Gwen by her neck with one hand while she struggles. There's a door and an access point behind him on the platform.

Peter: Let her go Norman!

Norman: I guess I will, let's see how fast you are Spider-Man!

Norman drops Gwen then Peter dives to catch her… he manages to then let's her down easy near the water.

Peter: are you ok Gwen?

Gwen: yeah, nice catch… oh my god, Peter! Look up there!

Peter turns his head and sees MJ on Norman's back struggling to get the gas mask on his face, she gets it on him and succeeds with getting the gas out when she's flipped over his back and starts falling.

Peter: MJ!

Peter desperately runs up the bridge as fast as possible web zipping up to get high. He manages to get a web on MJ's upper stomach but we hear a snap as she's pulled. Her arms hang limp and she swings forward and is kind of near Gwen now, her body lands softly and she doesn't move. Peter lands between her and Gwen and his mask disappears as he walks towards her slowly.

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Peter: M…MJ

He walks over to her and picks her up and her head hangs back, we can hear it's broken. Peter starts to get tears in his eyes.

Peter: MJ…


He buries his face in her and starts sobbing, he stands there for a minute until he gently sets her down. He then looks angry and starts breathing heavily showing his rage. His mask reforms and his eyes "squint" when he looks up at Norman who is coughing and getting on his glider. Norman begins to fly off and Peter starts running up to swing.

Peter: you're not getting away!

Peter chases Norman with a few close up punches when he gets close enough. Then Norman speaks between breathes.

Norman: is Spidey… mad cause I… killed his girlfriend?

Peter then yells and slams Norman into a nearby building under construction. Norman tries to fight back but gets punched through a wall. Peter walks over to him as Norman backs away.

Peter: She was everything to me! You'll pay for what you did!

A boss fight happens with Norman getting weaker and weaker, the player is urged to repeatedly hit him (this is the players choice how much). By the end Norman looks on the brink of death.

Norman: My Death… won't undo… hers.

Peter screams and webs him and throws him into a steel beam, he then jumps on Norman and repeatedly punches his helmet causing dents to get worse each time. By the end Norman is on the floor with blood leaking out of his helmet. Peter backs away and his eyes "squint" again at the sight.

Peter: Good Riddance… wait…

Peters mask fades and he looks worried, he sees the blood on his hands and is shocked he could be so brutal, this and previous moments make him realize that the suit is affecting him. Peter tries to swing away but the suits controlling him (the controller is messing with the player at this time making random controls do different things). Eventually Peter gets to the church where he remembers a fight with shocker where the new suit wasn't helping as much.


Peter: sound waves…

Peter swings into the church and we get the scene of him ripping off the suit. Afterwards he walks to a ledge to see the city streets, police cars are outside the building where Norman died and it starts to rain. Peter goes into a corner by the bell and he curls up into a ball while shaking, then the screen fades to black.

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