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Why is the beginning of this game so hard? (long rant, sorry, but could use advice, too!)

SpidermanPS4 5 - Why is the beginning of this game so hard? (long rant, sorry, but could use advice, too!)

So, I'm new to modern consoles (last console I owned was a Genesis, been on PC ever since). I'd been wanting to play this game, and Last of Us, but couldn't justify buying a PS4 for just one or two games… but then FF7Remake came out and so I caved. Played FF7, loved it, beat it, decided to try this game. Gaming on Normal never gave me too hard a time, so that's the difficulty I selected for this game.

Holy balls, this game throws EVERYTHING at you at the start! Before I can even learn how to throw a punch it's teaching me special moves and combos which I can't actually DO because guys keep hitting me and I die in 3 hits, which I seem unable to dodge for SOME reason even though I could dodge fools in FF7 where you don't even HAVE a spider-sense! I died in Every. Single. Battle. Leading up to Fisk. It was VERY frustrating. So I tuned it down to Easy. SAME THING. Finally turned it down to Baby Mode and at least I can get my bearings in a fight, but it's humiliating. I'm getting mad just sitting here typing about it the next day. Now that I know how to play the game better, I was going to turn it back up, except the game now likes to have like 10 guys in a group at a time, so I'm like "hell no", and I'm keeping Baby Mode on, much to my chagrin.

It's telling me to press triangle and square and circle and I don't have the muscle memory associated with these yet so I go to try it and mess it up and I die. Then it teaches me more new moves and I forget how to use the old ones and then I end up stuck in a stealth section because I forgot how to web a dude up and instead I end up leaping off my perch and punching him into the ground and more bad guys see me and kill the hostage (I eventually figured it out, but still). I shouldn't have to pause the game and look up my 4 page move list just to figure out a basic ass move. Never had this problem in the Batman: Arkham games… or in any other game, now that I think about it.

Part of this is bad game design. I really think they ought to have let you do things 2 or 3 times, WITH reminders on-screen (though not pausing the game for the 2nd and 3rd reminders), before throwing a new situation at you. Any of you ever play Half-Life 2? They give you like 15 minutes to play catch with the gravity gun before they send you into a combat situation with it, and even then, they make sure there's plenty of stuff to throw, and the enemies CAN'T ACTUALLY GET TO YOU because there's a table in the way. In THIS game? "Here's the third attack we've taught you in the last three minutes, oh, and look out for Rockets!" "Wait, wha-" BOOM! Who the fuck approved this?

The other part is I'm not a great gamer but holy hell, I'm used to a more gradual learning curve!


Also, you can't see behind Spidey very well. The camera in the Arkham games was perfect, you can see everything going on around you. Here? I have no idea what's going on around me without constantly spinning around. That's like, the opposite of the Spider Sense. Granted, it tells you when things are about to hit you, but the combat camera could still be better. Also, is there no way to lock onto an enemy so I can run around them without having to move the camera, too? Genuine question there.

Trying to swing around starts a little awkward, but gets very nice once I get into a rhythm, but suddenly if I have to chase cars or birds I end up not being able to control Spidey at ALL and I end up either losing them or getting killed. As for the pigeons, you want me to be holding my left analog stick, and R2 AND X to release AND L1 AND R1 just to catch a bird? FIVE fucking buttons at once?! I'm not a fucking octopus! (speaking of, how is he not a villain at the start of the game like EVERYONE ELSE? I get the story wants to be about his turn to evil and that's fine, but his transformation usually happens at the begging of Spidey's career, not 8 years in, and it just feels WRONG!) Hell, sometimes I'll be looking for a backpack and I keep missing it because slowing down and stopping isn't very intuitive. The game seems to assume you want to go at full speed at all times without any room for finesse and so instead of landing on a perch, I end up in the middle of a Fisk-goon-infested construction site. Yay. Sometimes Spidey refuses to stick to a wall when I swing into it. What? Why? Also, sometimes he'll be stuck to a wall and WON'T release. Again, WHY?!

You want another example of bad controls? In Batman Arkham, if I want to take a picture, I just hold down a button for a moment. Simple. In THIS game, I have to bring up the camera, zoom in, then take the picture. That's 3 button presses. It is literally three times more complicated than it has to be! And I'm complaining because sometimes I end up jumping or punching in midair instead of taking the picture because I'm a noobcake with this damn controller! At least this game tells you that you have a good view of the monument, instead of guessing like in the Arkham games, so I see why they did it that way, but I feel like it could have been less clunky.

TL;DR: I'm new to the PS4 controller and this game is NOT very newbie friendly and is too complicated to not have on-screen hints, which is making the experience very sour for me. Much sad.

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