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Why Yuri Watanabe is, in fact, ‘The Tinkerer’ (but not exactly)

SpidermanPS4 6 - Why Yuri Watanabe is, in fact, 'The Tinkerer' (but not exactly)

My contention today is that Yuri Watanabe is, in fact 'The Tinkerer' from the Spider-Man: Miles Morales cinematic trailer. But, it actuality, I also believe that she is Wraith. I know it's confusing, but keep reading.

I commented this in a post a while ago, but I also wanted to write this here.

The first thing that made me think of Yuri Watanabe was the leather jacket that The Tinkerer wore. There are differences, sure, but Yuri was known for her leather jacket in Spider-Man PS4. She wore it everywhere, and refused to take it off even in the first mission of the 'Turf Wars' DLC where her troops wore gear but she left her jacket on without any protection,

Secondly, the purple colour scheme of the Tinkerer. Wraith is known for her purple suit, and I think it's not a coincidence that Yuri Watanabe, who is canon in the comics to be Wraith, left and a new villain, with a similar colour scheme, shows up out of nowhere.

In addition, the Tinkerer is supposed to be a guy. Sure, adaptations are known to change a bunch of things, but the age and gender difference is a bit too much for me. The build and the voice, to me, screams Yuri Watanabe.

My theory is that Yuri Watanabe has not, in fact, taken on the role of Wraith yet. However, she is working with the Tinkerer – who has not revealed himself – and something will happen with Roxxon's 'alternative energy source', maybe because the Tinkerer wants it for himself.


There are reasons why this is questionable – Yuri would work better as an antagonist for Peter Parker instead of Miles Morales. The emotional connection is established between Watanabe and the original Spider-Man, even if she wasn't aware of his identity. There might be some emotional conflict inside of Watanabe because she doesn't know it is Miles, and maybe she's torn because she thinks she's hurting the original Spider-Man, and not Morales. That would make a decent emotional plot, though I'd prefer to see it from Peter's POV.

Maybe he's involved as a mentor – Miles is canonically supposed to have been there for a year, and given his fluidity and quick-thinking in the trailer, he's already familiar with combat. But still, he needs a mentor of some sort. My guess is that Miles uncovers Yuri's secret and tells Peter, but the original Spider-Man would be in denial and Miles would have to work on his own. Add that to the trauma Peter has experienced, I doubt he would want to be involved with Yuri.

Still, it's all theory. I do believe Yuri is the villain in the trailer, but how far gone is she, and how much further will she go? We'll only find out when we play the game. If it is Yuri, however, I doubt we'll get much of a happy ending – maybe another bittersweet resolution like in Spider-Man PS4.

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