A little rant/review about the endgame and the whole game.

Subnautica 1 - A little rant/review about the endgame and the whole game.

So I just finished the game with 60 hours on the clock. The game was great. It is one of a kind. I don't think there are many other games like this. But there are some issues, mostly towards the endgame which can kinda make the whole experience less wow. Warning before you read, this might be long.

I think anyone who has completed subnautica knows the endgame isn't that great. There are issues that I have seen other people also speak about. But there is one issue I haven't seen anyone talk about. I don't know maybe it's just me but Lost River and below doesn't feel like underwater. I don't know why but whenever I am gliding around in Lost River and Lava Corridor/Lakes it feels like I am flying in the air. Every time I went into the blue rivers to collect materials and came back out, I swear it felt like I am now going to be back on land only to remind myself that I am still underwater. I cant quite put it but it just doesn't have the water feel like the early-mid game. It can be the flat terrain or too much light but it just doesn't feel right.


The second endgame complaint is one everyone must have heard by now. I spend 2/3rd of my game time till 500m. As soon as you reach lost river its over. From lost river go to cove tree, make a base and collect nickel to increase diving depth, descent down a linear path to lava corridor, make a base in lava pit and collect kyanite to increase diving depth, descend down into lava lakes and find the empress. In the later 3rd of my time, I mostly collected materials thinking that I will need them. So from 600m to 1700m its just a straight path with nothing much to do. I was really disappointed by this. When I was early in the game, I was so lost in the world and imagined all kinds of things that I will find once I go deep. The biodiversity in the early-mid game is so big, Maybe anything they could have done would have failed to meet my expectations.

But anyways enough criticism. I still love the game. Video games are the only medium that can give you that feeling of exploration and subnautica nails it. The fear of unknown, the joy when you find new blueprints as now you can go deeper or don't have to go around collecting food and water. It really is well done. Did I say that the game is beautiful? I have a very weak pc so I was playing it at lowest settings but it still looked gorgeous. When I will get a new pc I plan to play it again just to see its beauty. The draw distance does need some help here. It can make exploration in lava corridor while in cyclops a hell. English is not my first language so excuse me for any mistakes.

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