A scientific expedition to the Deadzone: Findings on the Ghastly Ghost Leviathan.

Subnautica 10 - A scientific expedition to the Deadzone: Findings on the Ghastly Ghost Leviathan.

I recently decided to hop onto Creative mode in Subnautica to explore the deepest, spookiest depths that Subnautica has to offer and to study the dangerous Adult Ghost Leviathan in it's natural habitat. And I have to say, what I found was fairly surprising to say the least.

Contradiction in data:

First and foremost, contrary to Lore the 3 Leviathans do not attack each other, as their incredibly territorial nature would suggest they would. If the giant ghost is so concerned with a smaller creature merely existing in it's feeding ground, I expected they would not be too kind to other direct competitors.

Aversion to walls:

During normal subnautica gameplay, it's very common to see the bigger creatures clip through walls, usually with terrifying or hilarious side effects. I once saw a Reaper Leviathan clip into a wall then rocket out faster than anything I'd seen in game move before, flying out of sight before popping back into it's usual area shortly afterwards. However this does not seem to be the case with the 3 Deadzone Ghosts, as by keeping my Seamoth in a crevice in the dropoff, I was able to completely avoid the usual bumping and bruising the ghosts give my poor ship. However this aversion seems to have a limit as now there's a ghost stuck in a wall behind my base.

Only known creature to attack cameras:


While Stalkers will grab your cameras, much like any other titanium chunk, I've yet to have my cameras attacked by any other creature outside of Ghosts. While this may be due to some odd understanding that cameras aren't food so only the Ghost is only attacking it out it's territorial nature as mentioned above, it's still an interesting bit of trivia nonetheless.

Ghost Leviathans do not show up in the Scan room:

I've seen Reaper Leviathans (much to my dismay) and Reefbacks show up in the Scan room, but despite 3 Ghosts existing right outside my door, they do not. Even in my Survival gameplay, my Lost River scan room does not show the Ghost Leviathan that should be within range. Reason is unclear.

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-Updated information-

Infinitely respawning:

There's no escape from the Ghosts. Going downward as fast as possible as deep as possible using the Prawn suit, right at the 7900~ depth range despite leaving the ghosts far, far above me, another one showed up below me, in the abyss of under the map. An in-game explanation is that there are far more than just three ghost leviathans out there inhabiting an insane depth range, while from a programming perspective this is most likely just a product of how the Ghosts are scripted.

That's all I've found so far, but my research is far from over.

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