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Subnautica 7 - Base storage solutions

Hello, I've been no-lifeing Subnautica pretty hardcore the past three weeks (maybe more, not sure). I've already found all the alien caches and ruins. I've scanned every flora and fauna (as far as I know) I've beaten the game about four times. One blind, one as fast as I could, one with only the cyclops as a base (minus moon pool for vehicle upgrades), and one on hardcore. Since then I've been playing with the mind set of finding a unique place to build a base. Since I started this endeavor I've realized I don't have a great storage solution still after all these play-throughs.

Hopping into creative mode I've been fiddling with ideas for space efficient storage with maximum storage space solutions. Utilizing signs (I like to keep things organized as best I can), this is the best solution I've come up with. I haven't watched any youtubers play through Subnautica or anything like that so I haven't seen any outside ideas and I'm really curious if any one else has come up with this, or has a better version. I've used the 4 or 3 wall locker solution for a lot of my bases and it works, until I fill one up.


The idea here is that for large volume resources like titanium, diamond, weapons, etc you will use the standing lockers. For more rare resources(or resources you don't need a lot on hand) like kyanite, copper, table coral samples, etc, you use the wall lockers. Positioning the large lockers is actually a lot easier since I started rotating objects. In my opinion this solution looks good aesthetically, is modular by design, is clearly labeled, and only slightly more resource intensive while enabling more storage per wall.

Please share with me your storage solutions along with a photo if possible! I'd really like to improve on this idea more if I can at all. Subnautica is a lot of fun and ironically sorting the logistics is kind of exciting to me. I look forward to hearing how you store all your alien feces!

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