Beat the game last night, some thoughts

Subnautica 5 - Beat the game last night, some thoughts

This was my first time ever playing a survival game.

Just beat this last night at about 45 hours played.

I really like how it looked, this game is very pretty and atmospheric and terrifying when it wants to be. I really enjoyed the story and the twists and turns along the way. I enjoyed that it had enough story beats and breadcrumbs to pull you along in one direction.

I loved the base building. A little janky at the start but once you figure it out, it is very satisfying seeing a base come together and also the first time you build some of the larger items (moonpool, cyclops, launch pad etc) its very impressive how big they are.

I had a few too many points where I had to ALT TAB and go look stuff up because it wasn't really clear what I was supposed to be doing.

However, probably around the 30-35 hours mark when I was getting into the lost river and the destroyed disease facility with my 900m Seamoth, is when things hit a bump. I already had a Cyclops and Prawn but never used them because they are outright not enjoyable to use. The Seamoth is so fun, but the other two are god fucking awful, I really didn't enjoy using them.

Then I learned I would have to take the Cyclops and Prawn to beat the game. YAWN!!!

I used a Game Guide to get it over with smoothly and in one go. If I had taken the Cyclops all the way down to 1300m to get Kyanite and then had to go all the way back to my home base I probably would have cried and quit the game and never beat it.


Thankfully the guide advised me to bring everything I would need to fabricate the MK2 and MK3 depth modules for Cyclops and Prawn in a small base in the lost river.

So I went on and beat the game

Really enjoyable overall, so many things this terrifying game does so well. Let down in the final 1/4 of the game because you have to use the Cyclops and Prawn. The Cyclops is cool, building something so big that you can build stuff inside I thought was fucking cool.

But MY GOD, driving that thing around and trying to descend while looking down and your feet are blocking the view and the floodlights don't really illuminate that well (Seamoth lights are much better), and no matter how much space you leave for your tail of the ship it's still another 40ft longer than you think and you bounce off all sorts of shit you can't even see. I was not a fan of those two vehicles. (Yes I know the Cyclops has camera but switching in and out of camera mode and manually cycling through them was so tedious I refused to use them)

Anyway, overall wonderful game, I just did not have a good time with those vehicles.

Thanks for reading

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