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Subnautica 6 - Below Zero: Opinion post

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Yes. I know it's in alpha. I know things are subject to change. I hope some of the features do change. But here's some things that come to mind, as far as i've gotten into the wip:


1. Pro. The fact that a sequel to subnautica exists at all is an epic gamer moment. The original is by far one of my favorite games of all time. Even after beating it I still couldn't get enough of it. Been looking forward to below zero since it was but concept art.

2. Con. The first and most obvious thing to me is the loss of what the first game had: a sense of mortality. The fear of subnautica was based on survival, a goal which ultimately required the player to venture into the frightening unknown, both prepared and unprepared for whatever they might find. Below Zero lacks these circumstances. The game (as it is) literally starts off with the main character declining rescue. Like the whole thing is for shits and giggles, just to tickle the protagonist's scientific fancy. This seems to me to be a plotline blunder that really takes away from the experience of the game.

3. Pro. This game already seems like it preforms better than the first. Better fps and comparable loading times.

4. Con. Broken player mechanics. The player walks slow on land and has no side-to-side striding. Hell, the prawn suit has better walking mechanics. Not to mention you can't surface without launching out of the water and plunging back down, making grabbing air from above the water a pain. (This one's more of a little thing in the bigger picture, but should definitely be fixed.)

5. There's certainly a lot more dialog that the original installment, and it adds to the world's immersitivity. It is a little cheesy though. ("Love you sis!")

6. Con. The map is much smaller as of now, as one only needs to travel about a kilometer to find a bunch of advanced materials like magnitite, and doesn't need anything more than a seaglide to skeet past all the scary monsters. The whole thing feels claustraphobic. In the original, things were both far and deep, making the utility of larger vehicles practical. In fact, they was nessissary.

7. Con. Why is the space station clearly visible from the ground? Why doesn't it move? It's not in geo-sync orbit that close to the surface. (Could be easily fixed)

8. Pro. The complex cave systems make good use of the once useless pathfinder tool. Had me turned around and was a genuine, honest-to-god challenge (in a good way). Air bladder and flare are still worthless though.

9. Pro. New vehicles, both in style with the originals and completely new at the same time.

10. Con. End goal is not clear. The whole story seems meaningless without anything at risk. Below Zero is more like a "scientific", scanner-frenzied tour than a fight for survival. The base might as well have not even been destroyed.

11. Pro. This game serves as a good sequel, as far as the universe they've developed is concerned. It stays true to the old style while giving new information and context to both prior and current events.

Again, op post so I'm sure all of you strongly opinionated people will disagree on multiple things. I haven't completed the storyline up to the current development, but I can't really bring myself to. If I'm in the mood for my subnautica fix, I'm more likely to get bored and just open the original game. Correct me and my wretched opinions below.

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