[BUG] Save was damaged, now previously visited structures have disappeared and LOD and pop-in are much worse across all save files

Subnautica 1 - [BUG] Save was damaged, now previously visited structures have disappeared and LOD and pop-in are much worse across all save files

Hey all,

Can't get you screenshots or build number just yet as I'm in work (I'm waiting for a build to finish, I'm not slacking you're slacking!) but I ran into a bizarre issue last night, ended up streaming it to my friends as they didn't believe me.

Running the latest build of Subnautica available on the Epic Games store on medium graphics. PC: CPU: AMD FX-8120 Bulldozer GPU: GTX 660 Ram: 8 gig DDR3 Ram (Yes I need to upgrade)

Last night I loaded up Subnautica and it said my save was damaged, the date stamp said it was from 1/1/2015 and the play time was 0. Bit worrying, but it seemed to load ok, though every time I load the save file now I get the voice line of my PDA telling me my base is out of power and not producing oxegen (even if my save has me nowehere near my base). Also the play time has restarted so now I've apparently only played the game for 3 hours as opposed to the actual 13~ hours. Making a base is the last thing I did on my save before it got "damaged".

I began to notice that the pop-in and LOD were much worse than normal, with there being big obvious tears in walls and oddly meshed textures on pillars until I got fairly close. I went to the damaged lifepod that's near the cave system and it was gone, though the beacon still pointed to the empty space where it was. Same with the "Damaged Seaglide" lifepod. No hitboxes either, I could swim where they used to be. The massive wreck by the jellyshroom caves was also just missing and with no hitbox. I went to check the "high priority passenger" lifepod as I've not been to it yet, and I could find it no problem. Went into jellyshroom caves and the jellyshrooms in the first section of the cave, and associated crabsnakes were missing completely.


Finally I went to the island where the Sunbeam ahem incident happens. There were no trees and the actual big structure was also gone, just a big divot in the sand where it once was. All the structures missing are ones I've visited before.

I started googling and because the epic games launcher has no forums, I started using steam solutions. I tried the console command entreset, wiping the Cells folder from my install directory, wiping the Cells folder from my save file, wiping the OctTrees folder from my save file, a combination of wiping several of these folders at once (wiping all of them has subnautica freezing every 10 seconds or so, incessantly). Verified the game's install through Epic, uninstalled and reinstalled. But the issue persists.

Finally I decided I'd just make a new save and get back to where I was via the console. I spawned a seamoth and zipped over to the Sunbeam island and… it's the exact same. No trees or structure.

I uninstalled again, and then searched my computer for any remaining Subnautica files and removed them. Started installing again but it was 1:30am and I was a sleepy boy so I paused the install.

I'll be able to get screenshots etc. when I get home. Anyone have any idea why my game is more borked than a hecking boofer?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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