bunch of random newbie questions

Subnautica 9 - bunch of random newbie questions

Hey everybody – I just finished Subnautica – really one of the highlights of gaming for me; some really amazing moments of discovery and figuring stuff out without handholding. Very cool story, just loved it. Just had some random questions now that I’m done.

Anything to do now that I’m done? Factorio players have conceived of all these various self-imposed goals (make a base with only trains, make a base that launches a rocket per minute, now its make a base that generates X science per minute, etc.). Are there any go-to self-imposed “shit to do in Subnautica once you’ve won the game” goals? Maybe just build gigantic, awesome looking bases in really cool-looking locations?

Were there any clues I missed to find those moonpool fragments? I feel like I found everything I needed through routine exploration and also being very gently guided to different locations by radio broadcasts or by reading clues on PDAs, etc., but I don’t think I would have found the moonpool fragment wreck ever without consulting the wiki. Was there some clue I missed? I had even built a bunch of bases around the map (like 8–10?) with max scanning ranges whose only job was to search for wrecks but the one with the moonpool fragments (super far south in grand reef I think(?)) was too far away in an area I never would have looked in.

Have people figured out what causes the bug where you glitch out of the cyclops and end up outside the sub but not able to swim? I can usually tell when it’s about to happen (let go of your mouse and keyboard and stand motionless for a second – if the view drifts/moves slightly, you’re glitchy and you need to exit and renter the sub as quickly as possible), and I’ve been trying to figure out what gets you into that state (I think running/jumping/opening lockers/assemblers makes it more likely… maybe(?), but haven’t figured it out exactly). Is there a consensus on how to avoid it? Only walk? Never click on anything unless your player has stopped moving?


Was there an easier way to get the cyclops down to the lava zone? I always went through the lost river entrance by lifepod 2 – CTO Yoo I think. Most of it was ok, but there’s a wide open section of lost river which has gigantic branchy tree things sticking up everywhere with leviathan and I always, always get stuck between the branches and the ceiling trying to navigate there. Was wondering if there was a decent, less obstructed path in another location.

Will finish this off with a little tip that… who knows, maybe everybody already does this: When you build a scanner base out somewhere for particular materials (e.g. I built a base down in the lost river specifically to scan for crystalline sulfur), make a little flat spot right next to your base (I use an exterior grow bed), and drop a single item of the various items you’ll want to scan for on it. That way every time you visit that base, that material will always show up as an option for scanning. e.g. you can build a super temp scanner room base when you come across an alien structure and drop an ion cube next to it. Then you can scan for ion cubes and explore the structure and know that you’ll find them all.

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