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Calorie Counts of Foods in Subnautica [no spoilers]

Subnautica 5 - Calorie Counts of Foods in Subnautica [no spoilers]

First post on this subreddit! And first time doing something of this sort. Thank you to
ryttu3k - Calorie Counts of Foods in Subnautica [no spoilers]

u/ryttu3k for looking over this and making suggestions! You rock.

Ryley Robinson Canon Profile:

  • Adult Male
  • 5'5 feet/168 centimeters

So… not much to go off of. In order to find out his calorie needs, we’ll need to make some assumptions. So, I choose to make deductions from this picture from the wiki:

Ryley Robinson as seen in-game

It’s clear he’s lean and has a fair amount of muscle built up. Putting his weight at the lower range of a healthy BMI wouldn’t be too wild of an assumption. So, I will put his weight as 111 pounds/52.2 kilograms, putting his BMI at 18.5, right at the border between healthy and underweight (or underweight, depending on who you ask. If you put him at a higher BMI, the calorie counts of food will be higher as a result).

We still need age if we want to get a good estimate of his calorie needs. We don’t get the exact age of Ryley, but the general consensus seems to be that he’s a young adult, so I’ll put him at 25.

Activity level! He’s swimming the entire game. I’m putting him at the highest activity level. It would be kind of ridiculous if I didn’t.

So, if we put all his stats into a Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) calculator, we get 2,689 calories per day to maintain his weight. The hunger meter in the game maxes out at 100 (at least, it should). Using proportions (x/2689 = value/100) and the food values given in the game, we can make an educated guess as to what the calorie counts on different foods in the game are.

Note: I have no clue how Ryley's frequency of eating factors into this. This post does not take that and many other things into account, so this is likely not truly accurate. And my math skills are shaky, so I'm not sure if I even did this correctly. Though most calorie counts seem to check out with what I would expect, so maybe. Everything is rounded to the nearest integer.

Raw Fish Name:Calorie Count:
Red Eyeye269

Plant Name:Calorie Count:
Bulbo Tree Sample215
Chinese Potato323
Creepvine Sample81
Gel Sack134
Bulb Bush Sample81
Lantern Fruit269

Food Name:Calorie Count:
Nutrient Block2017

So why does this matter? Honestly, it doesn’t. But it does give insight into how foods on Planet 4546B might compare to foods on Earth based on calorie count.

And no, I don’t know why cooked fish are higher in hunger values than raw fish (which is why I didn't make data for cooked fish). Maybe there’s something added in the cooking method?

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    There is no such thing as a “healthy” BMI. Body Mass Index is a ratio of weight to height, not body fat. Muscle weighs over twice as much as fast does, so a well-muscled athlete in peak physical health can have a much higher BMI than an out-of-shape couch potato.

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