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Subnautica 9 - Campaign questions

Tl;Dr: After the Sunbeam is shot down, how was I supposed to find the floating island and the Jellyshroom cave? And where can I find blueprints for PRAWN arms?

So I feel like I'm doing things out of order. I have my PRAWN suit, I repaired the engine room in the Aurora, I have blueprints to build the Neptune rocket, and I know I need to cure the Kharaa infection first so I can disable the gun. I'm not worried about that part, I know I'll figure it out. I've been down in all these deep sea caves with the river and stuff, and the Sunbeam blew up a LONG time ago.

I feel like I'm doing things out of order though, like I missed a step. I've been through all my PDA entries and stuff, but I was never directed to the Jellyshroom cave. I found that completely at random. I was trying to find nickel (still haven't found any) so I could make the Depth Modules and stuff and go deeper, and randomly found the entrance to the Jellyshroom cave.

They can't possibly expect you to find it at random like I did. I'm sure of that because as soon as I did, they directed me to the deeper Degasi base (haven't been there yet). I did find the floating island, also at random. That's where I got the blueprint for my underwater house. I didn't find anything on the island that directed me to the jellyshroom cave, and I never found anything directing me to the island. What did I miss? I explored the mountain with the gun, pretty thoroughly I think.


I went through the entire alien facility under the gun, I went through the caves and found the big archway which looks like a teleporter, and also the underwater archway. The only thing I didn't explore fully was the underwater cave there which I'm assuming connects to the little lake inside the mountain. I went in it a bit from both ends but never found much, and the Warper kept chasing me away. Was I supposed to explore that really fully and find instructions to the floating island or something? Where did I miss the instructions to the Jellyshroom cave?

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Lastly, where can I find blueprints to make the PRAWN drill arm? I saw someone talking about it here and I'm positive that's what I need to be able to break apart this big nickel deposit I found. All I have for the PRAWN right now is the propulsion cannon and it feels pretty lame. I'd rather have the drill and the spiderman arm. Thanks!

I feel like I'm doing most things right. I have about 90 hours into it so far, my base is nuclear powered, I use the scanner room, it's all fortified, I use the Cyclops as my main transport, I save any weird or rare ingredients I come across, especially from deep caves. I'm not scared of anything except for the crab dude who sends EMP pulses, and I do avoid Reapers but haven't actually been killed by one since my first day or two playing. I just keep my distance and if they come after me I hug some structure and they can't maneuver around it as well as I can. And Warpers suck, but I've only been teleported by them a few times. Haven't died from them yet. They're just annoying.

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