Subnautica 4 - DARK CAVE! STAY AWAY!

I have been playing Subnautica for the first time after having the game in my library for far too long and have been enjoying every second of it. However, people said the game was scary and I, at no point, had felt very frightened.

Until last night.

On my way to find Lifepod 19, I ended up in a deep part of the world, deeper than I had dared go before. After having found the lifepod and getting what I needed from it, I saw there was more to explore in the cave. So I took my seamoth and went further down.

Suddenly I started to see new kinds of life. A transparent fish, some plants with these big red balls and some big monsters that almost looked like ghosts, that were teleporting all over the place.

At first, all was good. I was looting the place and gathering materials. I only managed to get one Blood Oil blob because of my carry capacity, and when everything was full I went back to the Seamoth.

Only to get attacked over and over by those teleporting monsters. I tried to get in the vehicle and was teleported out, over and over again. They were after me and I couldn't get away. I tried swimming further away to draw them away from my Seamoth and managed to eventually get in it without being teleported out.


However, by this time, I had very little health. I could probably only take one or two more hits. And then the reality of my situation hit me: my Seamoth flashlight was not illuminating anything. And following the beacon in the direction of my base only led me to a stone wall. The darkness and being chased by the monsters had left me completely turned around and I knew I was not safe. They could rip me out of my Seamoth and finish me before I knew what hit me!

For the first time, I was scared playing this game. More than any horror game that depended on jumpscares. Subnautica left me feeling helpless and lost in the dark, in a place I knew I was not welcome.

Eventually and by mere chance, I managed to find a way out and reached the surface. It was night, which probably contributed to me feeling so lost. So I decided to do the best thing: I left my Seamoth on the surface and swan the 1.4km back to my base.

Upon arrival, I crafted a beacon and swam all the way back to my Seamoth, having left it there as a temporary marker. As my Seamoth and I went back to the safety of my base as quickly as possible, all that I left behind was a beacon, floating near the entrance to that horrible place. The beacon serving as a warning to myself in the future: "DARK CAVE! STAY AWAY!".

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