Days 1-39 without reading the wiki

Subnautica 4 - Days 1-39 without reading the wiki

I dont know names of anything because I am trying to do it myself and not wiki so excuse the jumbled jargon.

Day 1: I was scared of everything that moved.

Day 4: I had found a couple close wreaks and been to the jellyshroom caves.

Day 8: found multiple escape pods. Accumulated so much junk held below my lifeboat held there by like 10 gravballs.

Day 10: invented a propulsion seaglide thing. Now I can go anywhere.

Day 11: I cant go anywhere as I thought. I hear a roar on my way to the ship, turned around and saw a giant spider going for my face. Dodged it, watched it swim in a circle to come back at me and I decided to go home early.

Day 14: began building my base. Turns out I am dumb and should have done it earlier.

Day 15: let go of my fricken camera you as*hole.

Day 16: I have murdered all of the Stalkers and Gasopods hanging out near my base.

Day 18: where are these stupid stalkers coming from?

Day 19: unsuccessful pipe and air pump idea to dive deeper into jelly cave. Very unsuccessful. This thing is so useless.

Day 21: The scanner room is a waste of my time. Took me most of the day to connect it to my base. Just back up and zoom it out a bit. that's the ticket.

Day 22: Floating island made me realize the game includes farming. I must be the dumbest motherfu*ker alive. Spent a couple days looting and bringing plants back to my base.

Day 25: I never have to leave my base again. Except I saw a mountain way out there. I need more batteries to make the trip.

Day 27: Built a seamoth. I had that blueprint from day 12ish. I swear my own stupidity makes the game so hard. I can now get to the mountain and floating island with ease. Dodging that scary-mouth jagoff is easy now.

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Day 28: Aurora has a lot of crap. Go back for batteries later. I have a zillion so who cares. Prawn suit sounds neat. How do I make that.


Day 29: Explored the mountain, got stabbed with a needle by an alien thingy which said I am infected which is news to me. One of the Degasi survivors was infected as well so I guess it was expected.

Day 30: MK2 Seamoth. Down to 500M. Holy fu*king fu*k this purple thing just warped out near the alien base on the mountain. He warped again, I was out of the Seamoth, then had to swim home without it because I cant find it.

Day 32: I have found exactly one of those gel pod things in 32 days. Exterior grow bed time. 40 rubies and one of those ***s.

Day 33: The screen tweaked. Something talked to me. I can't find another alien arch. Just the two in the mountain base and floating mountain.

Day 34: I was inspecting a wreak below the mountain. Got an alien containment system. Just as I stepped out of Seamoth2.0 a Reaper grabbed it and took off with it. Frick. 1200M swim home.

Day 35: My knife glows now. I found a deep cave and stabbed one of those purple warpy things after it attacked. Then chased a reaper for about an hour because I think that *** is the one who took my old seamoth.

Day 38: I have lost more seamoths. In my defense let me explain how; when those stupid reapers come at me I slide to the side, eject, then stab his stupid ass. It works poorly but I have killed 2 so far. I built a cyclops class submarine. Based on my seamoth track record I am scared to take it anywhere. Cannot figure out how to put a ram spike on it. Also, I have no way to charge powercells other than putting them in Seamoth5.0 and parking in my base-docky-thing.

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Day 39: Basically everything needs a gel pod. Somehow I lost the one I had. Time to begin the search. 500M is my max depth unless I dare take the Cyclops out.

Will continue if anyone likes this sort of stuff. It was always fun reading new playthroughs in r/MountAndBlade so I figure I would try here.

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