Directions I could have used when figuring out where things were. I’ll just write them down for others instead.

Subnautica 6 - Directions I could have used when figuring out where things were. I’ll just write them down for others instead.

First off, the Lost River. If you know where the floating island with the Degasi Bases is, then you can find the Lost River. If not, you should get difections to it on the PDA long before you need to find the LR. Someone other than the Sunbeam calls it a rondezvous point but I can’t remember who. Once you’ve found it, just get in your Cyclops (this is also the most Cyclops-friendly way down that I’ve found) or PRAWN (bring a backup power cell if you use the PRAWN) and go down as far as you can. Eventually you’ll get to an area with big floating bulb things and a bunch of Crabsquids but just ignore everything except the underwater Degasi base, where you’ll want to make sure you pick up the orange tablet. It’s optional but nice to have. Keep going down until you get to the Lost River.

For the Inactive Lava Zone, head into the Lost River and follow the huge skeleton’s tail until you get to the intersection where one part leads to the Disease Research Facility. Take the route that doesn’t lead to the DRF and keep going until you find a huge glowing tree. Behind the tree is a crescent-shaped hole in the floor all along the back wall that you can slip your Cyclops into. (I recommend you bring a grav trap with you for the ILZ but for the sake of spoilers I won’t say why.)


For the Lava Castle/an important alien facility, follow the fairly straightforward tunnel through the ILZ into a huge, round-ish room. At this point I highly recommend you leave your Cyclops in the entrance to the room and just use your PRAWN. (If you use a SeaGlide to get between the PRAWN and Cyclops, you shouldn’t run out of air.) Go to the big structure in the middle of the room that looks a little bit like a fortress/castle (hence the name) and go all the way around until you find the entryway. You’ll know it when you see it. (Make sure you make two of the thing that you find in there before going to the Active Lava Zone to avoid frustration.)

And now for the Active Lava Zone. This one’s a bit harder to give directions to, but it’s fairly simple to find once you’re in the Inactive Lava Zone anyway. It’s past a few skeletons and there’s a pretty straightforward route to it from where you probably left your Cyclops if you decided to do that. The entrance is in a medium-sized crater in the ground and in the wall inside of that crater. Once you get in there, I recommend you avoid any confrontation and head straight to your obvious goal. You’ll see it as soon as you get in there.

Happy travels, I hope this helps someone!

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