Do the devs plan on returning to fix this game’s technical problems?

Subnautica 6 - Do the devs plan on returning to fix this game's technical problems?

I realize Subnautica may have improved much from its early days in EA, and that it's more appealing to work on something new rather than toil away further on a project you've already spent half a decade on – and delivered to deservedly glowing acclaim. That said, I feel like the good people at Unknown Worlds were a little too eager to move on to Below Zero given the current state of the base game. We all know how the terrain is often missing chunks that load in *after* eating your Prawn if they do at all, how constant pop-in persists in poofing leviathans into existence a few meters from your face, how single-digit FPS slideshows make expansive basebuilding a hazard, how crashes corrupt save files and a multitude of bugs continually shatter the amazing atmosphere the game's many other elements help to foster (or make me sad when I discover my cutefish pack has vanished). I appreciate the artistry and deft design in constant supply, but Subnautica is a bit of a mess on the technical side. Sounds harsh, and I'm hesitant to criticize something I love, but I had to say it. As it is for many, this game is like a dream come true for me as a longtime enthusiast of deepsea horror and survival stories, and it more than succeeds at filling that niche. I want it be the best version of itself it can be, and addressing these performance qualms would be the most significant step in making that happen. Thanks for reading.

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