Finished the game last Saturday. I’m feeling …

Subnautica 2 - Finished the game last Saturday. I'm feeling ...

Finished the game last Saturday, after two months with my 6 and 9 years old kids playing with me together. My older used to drive the cylops, the other one the seamoth and both shared the prawn. As usual, all boring stuff like collecting material was my jobs as well as dealing with the risky stuff (like the dragon).

It was already sad enough to say goodbye to the sea emperor lying there waiting to die. We spent some hours just looking around all places, saying good bye toouyr cyclops that we left down there at 1200 mts our second seamoth in a base at 800, our prawn we left it in the launch pad so we could say good bye to him. And we took care of freeing all animals from our aquarium, including the two cuddlefish we had. Also saying good bye to them was … saddening. None of us was feeling like leaving but we know we needed to. I told them "we're going home" and we all understand but … we all were doing these "say goodbye" tasks while not wanting to say how stressed we were about leaving.

Then it was, packing food, getting a time capsule ready (hey we finally understood where they came from – I though it was the developers) and saying good bye again to the emperor. Et voila, we're heading home !

I confess. We cried, the kids and I. So much time invested on it, so many nice experiences, so many things we miss now. We don't know exactly what to do now. I've played video games since I was 8 and i'm 41 now and I don't remember feeling like this despite having finished other games (monkey island, Indiana jones). I think it's the first "survival" I finish as fps, rpg are definitely different.


I don't want to begin below zero until it's more finished which might mean around 6 months at least. We're moving on to another survival game. It was either The forest vs Stranded deep, we just began the last one as the Forest seems nice but it's a bit too much horror-like for my kids. In a year we'll do it just not by now.

I saw Below zero just received the first update. I know nothing about it, i'll begin at the end of this year or the next one maybe to give it more time. Even so, I just wish there would be a way to "upload" your saved game. Although yes I can always play back my old game I wish I could go back some day in the future in a new mission and see all the stuff we left. What about a subnautica, back to 4546b mission for picking up some important stuff about kharaa or enzyme 42 ?

I would definitely pay for it. Thanks developers for the best ever game I've played in my life, for the countless memories my kids and I have now. In 30 years my kids might remember, when they play with their kids, how their father played with them and loved "monkeying" around with prawn with two hook arms.

The bar has been set very, very high.

This was my capsule, bye sea emperor, hope to see you in our next life :

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