Here are the predators you can/can’t hand feed. Possible

Subnautica 3 - Here are the predators you can/can't hand feed. Possible

Since I was able to feed the Stalkers and Reaper Leviathan I started to wonder what other predators you could hand feed. So I got a list of the predators and went to each one to see if it would let me feed it without killing me. As far as I can tell a certain species of fish doesn't seem preferred by them but should I learn that there is I will edit this list to include it.

If I somehow missed a predator please let me know and I will test it then add it to the list. – I won't add Below Zero predators since I am waiting for the full release of the game to learn anything about it. I have been avoiding spoilers so I don't even know how many predators will be in Below Zero.

Ampeel: Yes

Biter: Yes
Bleeder: No. Already knew this but I decided to test it out just in case.
Blighter: Yes
Blood Crawler: No – figured this would be the case but tested it out just in case.
Boneshark: Yes
Cave Crawler: No – as with the bleeder and blood crawler despite knowing the answer I decided to test it out anyway just cause.
Crabsnake: Yes but highly unrecommended. They do eat the fish but they are very much a "bite the hand that feeds you" predator. They will take your fish and your life.
Crabsquid: Yes
Adult Ghost Leviathan: Yes but you must have a fish in your hands at all time. If you run out of fish or don't switch to another slot with fish fast enough you are next on the menu.


Juvenile Ghost Leviathan: Yes – Mostly like the adults just not as aggressive so you have more time to get to safety or to get another fish.
Lava Lizard: Yes – They can be a bit greedy so make sure you have enough fish especially if there is more than one.
Mesmer: Yes. If you have a fish in your hand when it draws you in it will take the fish instead of biting you. They may also take a fish from you in passing without even bothering to try and draw you in.
Reaper Leviathan: Yes – Like with the ghost don't run out of fish but the Reaper isn't as aggressive as the Ghost (adult and juvenile) from what I have experienced. Don't be near the surface when the Reaper goes for a fish or it will cause you damage as well. – I use the fish method to scan the cyclops fragments around the Aroura. The only thing I have aside from the scanner in my inventory is fish.
River Prowler: Yes
Sand Shark: Yes
Sea Dragon Leviathan: No. The dragon is not interested in your fish. It will either burn you to death, eat you, or in one of my test runs slap you to death. Not even kidding. It hit me with a fin and I died.

Stalker: Yes

Warper: No. To those of us, that knows the story who know the story it is obvious why. I only added it to this list as a "why not?" thing lol. It originally wasn't on my list but as a joke decided to include it when it warped and then killed me before a predator could eat the fish I was holding.

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