Hey guys! Do you think a spoiler-free guide would be something this sub would appreciate for newer players?

Subnautica 9 - Hey guys! Do you think a spoiler-free guide would be something this sub would appreciate for newer players?

"Go deeper" hue hue hue. You're very funny.

But I'm serious. Something I think would be helpful is a simple, gives-no-details guide/order of operations that goes something like this:

  • Explore in your general area, grab about 5 of everything that you are able to pick up.

  • Go back into the escape pod, use the fabricator – you will be visiting this device many times, and you can create a new one if you choose to create a base instead of using the escape pod for everything.

  • Create as many 'tools' as you can – the scanner especially. Also flippers and O2 tank help immensely.

  • more basic stuff…

  • Now you should be able to swim farther out and grab materials you haven't seen before. Be sure to visit the fabricator and find out what you can create now.

  • After scanning enough parts, you should be able to create a vehicle that makes exploration much easier. Do so.

  • There will be a very big visual event that happens after a time, when it does, you can explore that area. I suggest you do so once you have the tools to make it there (this hint will become obvious when it happens, your PDA helps you here).

  • more early game stuff…

  • Go where the radio tells you to go, explore these areas thoroughly. There will be a "timed" event after enough messages, be sure to head there as soon as you can. You'll understand why when you get there.

  • more stuff…

  • Upgrade your vehicle, you need to be able to explore deeper. Once you do, you may need to explore further from the safe area in order to actually GET deeper, that's fine. Grab the materials here. From there on it's kind of the same thing – find out how to get the tools necessary to explore deeper, then do so.

  • There are a few 'story-driven' areas that must be explored as you get deeper and deeper, and a few other story areas that aren't necessary but really help when you find them. You'll know these areas when you see them, they're obvious. It's okay if you don't find everything, but it's really fun to explore and see new areas, even with evident dangers lurking there. If you see a new area and it's within your currently progressed ability to fully explore there, it's highly recommended you do so.

    • Some terrain can be hard to navigate, but you'll find juicy scans in the pockets that are hard to get to. Note that caves very rarely if ever have scans (doesn't make sense if you think about it), but other areas, that will be obvious when you find them, have nooks and crannies and other hard-to-navigate obstacles that make them a deterrent, but if you're stuck on scanning something, it's probably because you've avoided navigating areas like those. 😉
    • Caves, on the other hand, often have plentiful resources.
  • The big events happen near the different depth thresholds on your vehicles, so if you have upgraded your vehicles and haven't really seen anything important yet, you likely need to explore more, perhaps in a different area.

A bit more detailed than that, and maybe even with a few non-spoilery pictures and whatnot.

Just wondering how much y'all think the experience would be ruined with a guide that is more detailed than "go deeper" for the inquisitive people that are tempted to use the wiki, and then immediately regret doing so afterward. What has two thumbs and also did the previously mentioned bad thing?

Bob Kelso. I mean me.

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