How to prepare for a trip to the lava zones.

Subnautica 6 - How to prepare for a trip to the lava zones.

Once you are at the point where you can access the lava zone, you know you are very close to beating the game. But as with all games, you may be close, but it's gonna be a bitch to get through. The thing that makes it so difficult is the fact that the Lava Zone is very deep underwater, extremely harsh environment, and let's not forget the faunas there, especially the Lord of the Lava Zone (you should know who I'm referring to). As someone who was able to beat the game in less than a month, I'm gonna give you tips on how to make it in and out alive. Know that while these tips are helpful, it's important that you also develop your own strategy because my strategy may not work for everyone. So if you're trying to get to that Primary Containment Facility or even just planning an expedition in the Lava Zones, you can read this guide to help you out. Anyways let's get started.


Packing is the most basic preparation for any trip (literally, you'd have to be a dumbass to not pack supplies for a long trip). The vehicles you're gonna need is the Cyclops and the Prawn Suit. If you have the grappling arm, upgraded power jet, and MK2 Depth Module for your Prawn Suit, it is set for the trip, though I recommend bringing your drill arm too, especially if you want to do some drilling. While prepping your Prawn Suit is simple, prepping the Cyclops is where it gets complicated. Here is the modules that I used to get through the Lava Zones:

MK3 Depth Module (it should be obvious) Engine Efficiency Module (recommended) Thermal Reactor Module (recommended) Sonar Module (crucial) Fire Suppression Module (recommended) Shield Generator Module (crucial)

So you got these modules now, right? You're still not fully prepared to go into the Lava Zone. Why? Because you need supplies. I suggest filling up the onboard locker with water (I did it with disinfected water). The reason for this is because it's gonna be a very long trip, so you might wanna stay hydrated for the entirety of the trip. Another thing to bring is growbeds to grow food like Bulbo Trees, Latern Fruits, Potatoes, and Marblemelons. Another thing that you can bring, but not really a necessity is a fabricator to cook food if you don't already have a thermoblade, or to craft bleach to make more water if you need it. Also, don't forget to bring some batteries and power cells, it will be nice in the long run. Now that you have your supplies, you think that you should make your trip, right? The answer is yes, but also no. The Cyclops is slow and consumes much of its power just by moving. Before you make your journey over, you should first set up a beacon by whatever Lost River entrance to help you out, I entered through the Bulb Zone. Another thing to keep in mind is since you are going through the Lost River to enter the Lava Zone, you are bound to encounter a Ghost Leviathan on the way, which will make short work of you Cyclops if you aren't careful. The Ghost Leviathan can pose a major obstacle for you if you are trying to access the Lava Zone. But you know what you do with obstacles, right? You REMOVE them. Go into the Lost River with your Prawn Suit and put that mofo to sleep permanently. It's easier than it sounds, trust me, the Ghost Leviathans in the Lost River are a joke because they keep pinning themselves up the wall, so you shouldn't have a problem with them. Once the Ghost Leviathan has been taken care of, you will have relatively safe passage to the Lava Zone. There is that low chance of encounter a Crabsquid in the Lost River, which can also pose a threat (though a minor threat), if you have a Thermoblade, you will be able to make short work of that freak with just that, just remember to attack fast and to try to get behind dmfor extra precautions when facing it off. Considering that very few things can actually damage the Cyclops, you shouldn't have much of a problem with the other faunas of the Lost River.



So you made it past the Lost River without anything going wrong. Congratulations, give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself that you're a pro (even if you know you aren't). But wait, you're not out of the woods yet. In fact, this is where shit really goes down. I hope you made sure your Cyclops has the Shield Generator, Thermal Reactor, the Fire Suppression, and the Sonar Module equipped (if you don't have either one equipped, well, you're a fool because those Modules are crucial when navigating the Inactive Lava Zone). Once you are there, lay low (stay at the floor of Inactive Lava Zone). The reason the Sonar Module is so crucial because the entrance to the path to the Active Lava Zone is quite easy to miss, and the low visibility does not help. The Sonar Module enables you to see the landscape, making it easier to spot this secret entrance. It will also make it easier to notice the Sea Dragon Leviathan. If you spot the Sea Dragon Leviathan, if you had lights on, turn them off, and start up silent running. Do not engage immediately but keep an eye on it. If it starts to attack you, activate the Shield Generator and get into your Prawn Suit. Once you get into your Prawn Suit, just repel it. The terrain of the Inactive Lava Zone is large, hard to navigate, and it's very easy to get lost. So for the one in the Inactive Lava Zone, just repel it. The reason why I recommend the Thermal Reactor Module is because since you're going into a volcanic biome, the Thermal Reactor Module allows your Cyclops to recharge itself if it is in a Volcanic Biome. I recommend the Fire Suppression Module because well, let's think this logical, you're going into an area will lava, a fire is bound to happen. Although people do equip a torpedo system to their Cyclops, I didn't need it, so if you want a Torpedo System, go right ahead, but I didn't really need it. Also, if a Lava Larvae latches on to your Cyclops, activate the Shield Generator to get them off because those things will suck your Cyclops's battery dry. If your Cyclops starts to run low on power while you're in the Inactive Lava Zone, stop piloting it and turn off your lights and anything in the Cyclops that consumes power so the Cyclops can recharge itself (this will only work if your Cyclops has the Thermal Reactor Module equipped).


Now that you have successfully navigated the Inactive Lava Zone, it is time for the hardest part, the Active Lava Zone. This is when shit really gets real. Another Sea Dragon Leviathan resides in the Active Lava Zone, but the problem here is that the area is more enclosed, meaning your basically in a arena. While you could park you Cyclops outside the Primary Containment Facility, if you are paranoid that the Sea Dragon Leviathan is gonna attack your Cyclops while you're in the Primary Containment Facility, this is when your Prawn Suit comes in handy. While you can try to kill the Sea Dragon Leviathan with your Prawn Suit, if you still haven't cured yourself of the Kharaa Bacterium, Warpers will present a massive problem, so recommend using your Prawn Suit to get to the Primary Containment Facility more easily. Since you can bring your Prawn Suit into the facility, you won't have to worry about your Prawn Suit being attacked while you're in the facility (because it's in the facility with you).

Also, don't forget to have your Reinforced Divesuit so you can withstand the heat of the Lava Zones outside of your vehicles. Anyways, please leave a comment down below and enjoy. I hope this will help you in your expedition into the Lava zones.

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