I just had the most awesome, scariest Subnautica dream ever and it was amazing

Subnautica 9 - I just had the most awesome, scariest Subnautica dream ever and it was amazing

Firstly, I should mention that I often have very detailed, very vivid and very realistic dreams… which suck with nightmares but fortunately I don't get those often.

This dream was no exception.

In the dream I had gotten my hands on Subnautica 2 (not the upcoming expansion, an actual sequel), but instead of playing the game on the PC I was actually there, as a person.

It started in this gigantic pre-build base, I remember the surroundings were very similar to the safe coral reefs of the first game, but deeper. Not that much sunlight, but still enough to see. The base had multiple levels and all the walls, floors and ceilings were made out of strong reinforced glass. Amazing view, but very few places to uh… hide.

So I was wandering around, all alone, trying to figure out what I was supposed to do here. That's when he showed up, and with 'he' I mean the leviathan. This leviathan strongly resembled a reaper, same face and large mandibles, but it lacked the large pectoral fins. Also, its face was a skull and it's body was entirely skeletal with some hints of muscle, and its hide was mostly transluscent, with a couple of back fins. Basically it looked like a hybrid between a reaper and a ghost leviathan, so I'm just gonna call it the Ghost Reaper from now on. It looked AWESOME and very scary, and it was big.

I am not scared of reapers at all, in my game I have a reaper neighbor I named Harold who is a little dumb and who has an attention span of like 5 seconds, and when I'm bored I go to where he hangs out and we play tag, he can never catch me anyway. It's thanks to Harold that I found a very effective way to avoid reapers while in a seamoth, and since then I've lost all my fear of them. Ghosts don't scare me that much either after I found out you can hand feed them too (though I still don't recommend it, they're clumsy), but I haven't tried my avoiding trick with them yet.

Either way, I was absolutely terrified of this Ghost Reaper though. I was in one of the glass rooms and looking up I could see it swimming around. But yeah, glass ceiling, it had seen me too and it just came diving down like a torpedo, all teeth and hunger, like it was gonna smash its head right into the ceiling to get to me – for some reason the glass stretched and deformed when it hit and fortunately it didn't break. But from this moment on, wherever I went, this Ghost Reaper followed, swimming along on the other side of the glass wall with just a few feet between us. When I stopped, it stopped and it would just STARE at me with empty eye sockets and push against the glass trying to break it. There was no hiding, and words do not do it jusice, how utterly terrifying this was.

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After a few minutes of this I finally got an objective. The scientists occupying the base returned but I had to open the doors for them because for some reason they couldn't open it from the outside. Dream logic I guess. There was one woman and 6 or 8 armed body guards.


Ghost Reaper was still out there though, and it was my job to distract it long enough the others could get in safely. I was on the other side of the base, I didn't really do anything to make the Ghost Reaper stay where he was (didn't know how I was supposed to do that), so I just ran to the other side, punch a button on the wall and opened the door. The woman and about half of the guards made it in before the Ghost Reaper arrived and tore the rest to shreds.

Then the scene sort of changed. I was still in the same base, but the scientists were gone. Instead I was now in the company of my brother, my mom and my step dad. We had to make it from one lab to the other, and these two labs were connected with these sort of… narrow glass hallways that were held up with strong cables, and they kinda moved up and down with the motions of the water around it. So all in all, they didn't feel particularly stable or safe.

And you know what? Ghost Reaper was still out there, and I knew, just knew, that he'd be able to smash open these flimsy glass hallways and eat us all if we weren't fast enough. So we had no choice but to run all the way, and I hate being chased man. I hate chase scenes in video games, and I hated it in this dream. I wasn't really being chased, but there was this sense of real urgency, to get through these glass halfways and into the lab before the Ghost Reaper attacked. At some point it was swimming beneath us and through the glass floor I could see it was actually a pregnant female, I saw these nearly fully formed, tiny Ghost Reapers along her spine. It was weird and strangely cute.

Anyway, we made it to the other lab, which turned out to house the newest Seamoth. This Seamoth had convenient room for 4 people and we were to go out and gather resources. So we got in, exited the base (Ghost Reaper disappeared at this point).

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Now, this planet had the same wild life as 4546B… I saw bladderfish, peepers, hoverfish etc… except they were all giants. I saw this peeper the size of a cow swim right overhead of our Seamoth, being chased by a biter the size of a minivan. And I remember thinking… that Ghost Reaper was the size of a regular in-game reaper, but here were all these leviathan sized fish… just how gigantic would an actual leviathan on this planet be? They would make the Sea Emperor look tiny and insignificant!

Either way, we moved on, my mom was steering – the seamoth was controlled with some sort of single joystick but it made it really difficult to get around and we kinda fought over it… so naturally we crashed into some rocks, something tore and water began flooding the seamoth's interior and this is the moment I woke up.

I'm gonna try to draw this Ghost Reaper, it looked so awesome and I don't want to forget what it looked like. I just hope I can make it look as terrifying as it did in my dream. I don't get these really vivid detailed dreams often where I also remember most of it after I wake up, but when I do get these dreams… it's always an amazing experience. Gotta love my brain sometimes.

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