I love that game – it has problems

Subnautica 9 - I love that game - it has problems

So now that I've gotten a chance to play the update, and that the game is starting to really come closer to a finished look, I feel like I can start giving a honest review about my experience so far. I'll admit I haven't been keeping up with the exact update logs and plans, so if what I'm criticizing is going to be solved soon/has been talked about, please disregard it.

Let's start with the good stuff! As many of you, I've sinked (haha) hours and hours into the first game, and I've been excited for Below Zero since it was announced. The new temperature mechanic is mostly fun, same for the story (and kudos for having a woman as a main character. I know it should be normal, but…). Here are the few specific things I think are better than in the first game :

– Swim charge fins : great idea, saves on having to think about batteries all the time

– Booster tank : while it doesn't fit my style of play, I can still see it being useful

– Quantum locker : great for use between far away bases!

Now onto the things I've found lacking in Below Zero. Most of them are just plain…useless? That, or I've failed to find an actual use for them.

– Water purification tablets : I don't get them, how are they in any way more useful than a large filtered water? And they're only useful on land of course.

– The snowfox : has no up side compared to the prawn suit on land, apart from being a bit faster. Also it doesn't protect you from the ice worms or the snow stalkers. It can be carried in your inventory I guess?


– The sea truck. The comparison to the Cyclops is crushing, no depth alert needed. It's slightly slower than the submarine when it's not carrying additional modules, far slower when it is, even with the horsepower upgrade. You cannot use the habitat builder inside of it. You have to exit it to reach the prawn suit it's carrying – carrying, but not recharging. Its only means of attack is the Perimeter Defense (okay I guess I'm being a bit mean here, since in Below Zero this is more than enough to deal with any Leviathan, one click and they leave you alone, no damage if you're quick). No sonar module.
Overall I just find it much less fun than having a Cyclops and a Seamoth.

– Teleportation module : it sounds so cool! But I've never used it, because the only use case I can find for it would be to explore a bit too far from the sea truck by swimming, finding out I don't have enough oxygen, and teleporting back. This has never come close to happening to me, and carrying a whole module just for that possibility seems inefficient.

– Mineral detector : this one is lower on the list because it's not totally useless. In fact, it's almost required to find any nickel ore. Other than that, it sucks too much energy to be of use during early game, and the scanner room is a lot better.

That's it for now. I could also talk about you don't feel a sense of exploration compared to the first game, especially at greater depths, but I've read it on here before. And even though I may sound critical of the game, I've still enjoyed it even though it's not technically out, and I'll follow any future updates for sure!

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