I made a crafting app [No Spoilers]

Subnautica 2 - I made a crafting app [No Spoilers]

Hi all,

First, of all, I apologize if this is against any rules. I'm not trying to sell or promote anything, just offering this for free to the community.

I made a crafting helper tool for Subnautica after many occasions of becoming frustrated with figuring out the base materials for various recipes. You can find it at

It's free to use, doesn't require registration, doesn't have ads, and is open-source (Github link in the footer). I do track page hits (anonymously) but that's it.

How it works

  • Search the database for items and recipes
  • Add any recipes you want to a Shopping Cart
  • The Cart shows a Bill of Materials with a tally of all the base components for all the recipes in it

While the wiki breaks down the components for certain recipes (Cyclops for example), it doesn't do that for most other recipes. I always find myself creating tables on paper whenever I want to craft something more complex. Calculating nested mats on paper is not fun.

The biggest pain point for me is when I want to start a new base and I have to figure out the total mats needed to be ferried over from the main base. This usually means a lot of time wasted on adding everything up on paper.

Well, Craftnautica handles this. Say, I need a Foundation, Multipurpose Room, Thermal Plant, Power Transmitter, Fabricator, Radio, and Battery Charger. Quick, what mats do I need for all this? Craftnautica says 39 Titanium, 4 Lead, 3 Quartz, 1 Creepvine Seed Cluster, 4 Copper Ore, 2 Magnetite, 1 Gel Sack, 1 Ruby, 1 Gold, 1 Table Coral Sample, and 2 Silver Ore.

There are separate Shopping Carts for the original game and Below Zero (although I've only loaded a small sample of BZ recipes).


That's it in a nutshell. I created this mainly for me and my specific needs. I hope others will find it useful. Constructive feedback is, of course, appreciated.

If you do use it, please keep a few things in mind:

  • It runs only on newer versions of Firefox (63+) and Chrome (73+)
  • Most Below Zero recipes are missing – they're not a priority for me right now
  • It's still under active development, so things may be broken, or may break occasionally


  • Biggest one is the missing item icons. I'd love to have icons but I'm a bit unsure where to procure the assets without doing it manually or breaking any copyrights.
  • Not mobile friendly – it's somewhat broken on phones/mobile browsers. My intention is for this to be strictly a desktop app. At the same time I suppose console folks (I'm 100% PC) might want to use it from a tablet. I plan to make it more responsive at some point but it's not a huge priority right now.

Additional planned features

  • Since the site stores your data in the browser (clearing the cache will destroy it), I want to add a data backup option.
  • Some sort of inventory management system. Another pain point in Subnautica is never remembering what mats I'm storing in my various bases and vehicles. I'd like the ability to define storage locations that I can then fill with mats and quantities.
  • Improved navigation and item/recipe discovery.
  • Incremental UI improvements and icons (hopefully).

If you made it here, thanks for reading and I hope you'll find it useful.

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