I tried to “novelize” the beginning of the game. (Sorry for any errors in spelling or grammar)

Subnautica 2 - I tried to "novelize" the beginning of the game. (Sorry for any errors in spelling or grammar)

I'm afraid something terrible is going to happen…

You were right about Alterra, okay? You were right.

I was wrong.

Please, get in touch. It's important.

Robin played those words over and over again in her head. What did Sam mean? What did she find? Whatever it was, it had been enough to worry Sam. Robin knew Sam, and she never was worried about anything.

Robin pulled up the “Notice of Death” that Alterra had sent her a few days prior

“An accident arising from her own negligence”

Robin already had suspicions of Alterra’s shady nature, but this really put the nail in the coffin. The fact that they would not even give her any details was even more frustrating.

She looked out the front of the shuttle she was sitting in. She had been in there for around fifteen minutes, anxiously waiting for her departure window. Robin knew she would only have around a ten minute window of cover from Alterras satellites. She could not miss this opportunity.

She had already made her decision the day she received that notice.

Robin reached into her pocket and pulled out the photo. It was of Sam and her, taken right before she left with her crew to 4546B.

She looked so happy…

She set the photo in the crack of the dashboard and checked the time on her PDA.

7 minutes left. Hope Cal knows his way around a meteor storm.

Robin could not thank him enough. Cal had always been her colleague, and best friend, and she was surprised when he agreed to ferry her halfway across the federation to the Ariadne Arm. Robin just hoped that he wouldn't get into too much trouble, just for helping her.

5 minutes.

She could see a few meteors fly by in the distance, trailing fiery tails across the canvas of deep space. It was serene, and could almost be a pretty sight. If Robin wasn't about to illegally hijack her way to the planet below.

Alterra had a team there, right? They're bound to have tools I can use..

I know my way around a builder tool, i could survive.

Robin checked the storage container in the back of the shuttle. A few flares, some food and water. These ships were meant for light transport, so they usually didn't come with much. It was the life pod (drop pod?) that was most important. It had a fabricator, and could be a good place to get to work.

If I make it to the planet in one piece..

Robin may have failed her spaceflight operators test a few, or several times, but she was certain she could fly this thing. It only had an on/off button and a steering wheel. Easy, right? She would have time to second guess herself after she was on the planet.

1 minute.

Robin took a deep breath, and straightened her picture of Sam. It was time.

She had to do this. For Sam.

The lights above the shuttle flickered on, and the launch bays slowly cracked open. A launching alarm was going off, and she saw the scene that laid before her.

There were meteors all around Cal’s ship, and she could see one of Alterras tracking satellites, a “Sentinel” not too far away.

(Authors note: Here's the music for the intro if you're interested→


Robin flicked the “on” button in the shuttle, and a holographic display of it and the life pod showed on screen.

The intercoms in the bay suddenly cracked to life. It was Cal.

“This is as far as I can bring you on company space bucks, Robin. Are you sure you want this? The research isn't everything.”

Is this really what I want?

No, I know it is.

“It is to me. And Sam… I need to know what happened.”

Robin couldn't live with herself, not knowing what happened to Sam.

The intercom crackled again:

“But Robin, the meteor storm… It looks pretty bad. You crash, I can't come back for you”

Robin knew. She had to do this.

“I know, I can use it as cover form that Sentinel.”

“Gonna miss you Robin.”

Robin realized that this may be her final time talking with Cal. She remembered all the times she would work with him at Xenoworx, and softly smiled.


“I’ll find my way back.”

And with that, Robin said her final farewell to Cal, and pushed the throttle forward. The shuttle burst from the cargo ship, life pod in tow.

She took in the sights around her, with the streaking reds and oranges all around her. She soared to the meteor closest, and stayed close behind it. She could only pray that it would provide enough cover from Alterra.

She followed it all the way through the atmosphere, heading towards Sector Zero, where Sam works.

Used to work. Robin thought bitterly.

As she got closer and closer, the shuttle computer began to rattle off facts about the planet. Probably for tourists or something that the shuttle was programmed to do.

Robin began to have mixed feelings about all of this all of a sudden.

Am I really doing this? Just diving into a planet that i've never been to, and just miraculously expecting to find Sam? I just hope that-

Her thoughts were interrupted when all of a sudden, a large chunk of meteor broke off, and began to head straight to her!

Robin had no time to react, and the piece slammed into the windshield.


Robin both heard (and felt) the tether between her shuttle and the life pod snap, and the shuttle began to spiral out of control.

“Life pod deployed.” The shuttle happily announced.

The hologram for the lifepod went red, signaling a malfunction, and she got a quick glance of its parachute deploying, before spiraling away. The shuttle began rapidly descending. Robin gripped the handle tighter and gritted her teeth. The shuttle was losing altitude fast.

She needed a plan now.

Come on, come on… there has to be somewhere to land..


She spotted a clearing behind what looked to be a base, but was hard to tell because of all the fog.

She struggled to steer as she heard the systems of the shuttle failing. If she could just maintain control for a little longer…

Robin's breath quickened as she metally prepared for impact.

Note to self: invest in shuttle landing lessons

Crash landing was… not a pleasant experience for her. Wouldn't recommend it.

She gave a sigh of relief as she checked for any missing limbs. It looked like she had crashed in a sort of clearing, with snow soft enough to keep her alive.

The smell of smoke interrupted her thoughts, and she turned around and saw that the rear had caught on fire.

These shuttles, unlike standard survival lifepods, did not include fire extinguishers.

She quickly grabbed her photo of Sam, and made her way to the side door.

She hit the release button.

Nothing happened.

She remembered that this was a common problem in the industry, with other lifepods having the same problem with the restraints on the seats not being released.

I am not going to die because of some stupid button!

Robin tried hitting it a few times, but ultimately had to resort to kicking the door down.

She kicked once, then twice. She mustered all of her strength, and on the third kick, the door broke open.

She stumbled outside and took in the view.

She looked up at the bright blue sky, and saw the meteors cascading all around here. She spotted the life pod descending in the sky, around a few hundred meters away. She could already begin to feel how cold it was outside.

As the shuttle burned next to ther, the computer managed to stutter out a single line of dialogue.

“Welcome to 4546B. Enjoy your stay!”

Robin facepalmed. This was going to be a long journey.

Personal log 01: Made it to 4546B.

Landing was… a bit rough, but I don't think Alterra spotted me.

I hid from their satellite. The Drop-pod deployed with gusto. I just have to find it and get settled.

Then I'll be able to get to work.

Don't worry Sam. I'll find out the truth.

And no one is going to stop me.

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